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Talk to the Tee: ~momo~

God Only Knows... by you.

After the shirts from Genesis, I did not plan on posting any more tees with cutesy messages on them for awhile. But-then I saw ~momo~‘s new releases on the feeds. Amidst all of the tees was this one, with the message: “God Only Knows Where I’d Be Without You.” I’m not sure if this was a homage to the show Big Love, but that is totally their theme song and I am seriously addicted to that show. So, there is the reason why you are getting one more cutesy tee from me. Now, I’m off to do the studying I should have been doing hours ago…


Tiffer GG


Watch and Listen: Big Love Opening Credits


Shirt: ~momo~"GodOnlyKnows"
Skirt: Wrong “Black a line Skirt”

Shoes: UrbanBombUnit“PornStar Hi-Tops MultiColor v2”

Tattoos: Otaku Designs “Sugar Skulls & Roses”
Hair: Exile “Dominique- 8ball”
Skin: Tuli “Faith-Light-Fresh”
*All Poses from TorridWear


Aitui for RFL

Aitui for RFL by you.

The RFL Clothing Fairhas opened it’s doors! This is one of my favorite events- it’s shopping for a good cause (i.e. guilt free purchases!), a chance to discover new stores/designers, and a chance to grab limited editions. With 4 sims worth of shopping, comfort is key. The tee-shirt and bag are both Aitui’s RFL items. Included in the folder for the tee is also a black shirt with a pink skull. The hair is one of the newer styles from !lambCherry. The skin is the first effort at skin maker from Ryker Beck of Genesis. This is Eden in Pepper, shown in the Bare make-up options. Look out for them to be released shortly! The poses I used are from Sunflower Poses. I picked up a couple of pose packs from them at Fantasma Plaza’s Spring Cleaning Sale.


*Quick Note: Wearing as few prims as possible is key to keeping lag down at the fair. When there, I removed my shoes, hair, and the bag to do my part!


Tiffer GG


The Complete Look

Shirt: Aitui“RFL Limited Edition ’09 Women’s Tees- Cancelled”
Jeans: Wrong “Ripped Jeans- Dark”
Shoes: Truth “Huntress Boots-Night”
Bag: Aitui “Bag-Night Messenger-Hope- RFL Limited Edition”
Hair: !lamb “Cherry- Ink”
Skin: Genesis “Eden-Pepper-Bare”
*All poses from Sunflower Poses




living my Life

white Out by you.

I love Rihanna’s style. I’ve already imitated her style once, as seen here, but couldn’t help myself from doing it again. At the last MTV Video Music Awards, she performed with a biker jacket, jeans, hot boots, and sunglasses. Her look was all in black, but I chose to do it all in white.

white Out by you.

I started with the Moto Jacket from Wrong. For the jeans, I went with a pair from Decoy. The boots of the moment, the Biker Boots from Redgrave, ended on my feet after a whee bit of editing. I love these boots, the texture is perfection, but why didn’t they include a prim-resizer?!? To finish the look, I hid my eyes with a pair of shades from Emery. And since I know you want and need the full break down of the look, I included it for you below. Also, I threw in a link to the video of Rihanna performing in the look I copied. Why? Just because I’m nice like that!


Tiffer GG


Watch and Listen to This:

All the Details

hair: Truth “Damien-Night”
skin: Rockberry“Lily C Light Dk Brows”
sunglasses: Emery “NR Sunglasses Rain”
earrings: ETD “Fringe Earrings-Silver”
jacket: Wrong“Moto Jacket-White”
jeans: Decoy “Genesis 10 Jeans-White”
shoes: Redgrave “Girls Biker Boots-White”


*Boom* Days: day four

Yellow Boom by you.

I’m going to keep this post short and sweet, because I am tired. Last night while collecting the daily Christmas gift from Wrong (these jeans were one of the earlier gifts!), I ran into a guy whom liked my hair. After the compliment, he asked if we could have sex. Since he was kind enough to compliment me first, I went ahead and gave him some sex. Shame on me, because he left a fair amount of hickeys on my neck.

Yellow Boom by you.

Ok, so that totally didn’t happen since I am a proud SL virgin. But, this is the Fair Isle Hickey Hider Sweater from *Boom*and it inspired me to make up a fake sexual encounter. Anyways, I am really tired, so that’s all the rambling from me. I’ll put the full style sheets below and I hope all of ya’ll have a great weekend and are safe while out and about finishing Christmas shopping.

Yellow Boom by you.


Tiffer GG


What I Wore to Hide Those Pesky Hickeys

Hair: ::69::“Still-jetblack”
Skin: Tuli“Emily Light/1-Paradis”
Sweater: *Boom* “Fair Isle-Hickey Hider-Star”
Pants: Wrong “Skinny Pants-Purple”

Necklace: ::69:: “Candy Necklace”
Ring: Kandy Kitty “Love Ring-Dark Purple”



Something Old, Something New

Back in Black by you.

After a couple-a-few month hiatus from SL, I’m Back!! Now, while I left the actual virtual world, I was unable to step away from the feeds-checking them at least once a day. Because of this, I have a mile-long list of things my avatar wants and needs ASAP. However, since I live in the US and our economy is knee-high in shit, I couldn’t justify dropping tons of Linden at one time. Thus, I’ve put myself on a *gasp* budget, meaning my outfit consists of some old pieces out of my inventory, as well as a few new splurges.

Back in Black by you.

For the new pieces, I lucked out as Thimbles and WRONG have both recently held sales. I picked up a ton of pieces at Thimbles during their Halloween 5L Sale, including the “1/3rd a Tee-Shirt” I’m wearing. Over at WRONG, everything was marked down to 50L or less. Next to Last Call (R.I.P.), WRONG makes my favorite pants, so I grabbed their new “Skinny Pants” that include a great prim-re sizer. Since I caught two amazing sales, I splurged on my skin. When I saw Fleur’s new Allure line on the feeds, I knew I needed it. I love the “Lounge” series, and happily dropped 3000L on the fat-pack.

Back in Black by you.

On to the old-the hair is one of my favorite styles from Diversity, “Jaya.” The bracelets are from M.R.M. and are color-change and come in 3 different sizes-a great buy! The shoes I count as old, though I had never worn them. They are from Tesla, and are the Priscella Platform Stiletto.


That about sums up my old-new outfit. I hope y’all enjoyed having me back as much as I’ve enjoyed being back! Also, keep scrolling for the complete list of what I’m wearing.



Tiffer GG


The Style List

Pants: WRONG “Skinny Pants-Grey”

Top: Thimbles “1/3rd a Tee-Shirt-Black”

Shoes: Tesla“Priscella Platform Stiletto-Charcoal”

Earrings: Fussy “Zebra Print Earring”

Bracelet: M.R.M. “Color Wood Bangle Trio”

Nails: Candy Nail “Zebra Pink”

Hair: Diversity“Jaya-Charred Black”

Skin: Fleur “Allure Alabaster Lounge 1”