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such a dirty pretty thing

let's play a love game by you.

Top: Dirty Pretty Things “Love Game Tee”
Pants: Royal Blue “Zip Up Leggings (50L Friday 10/2)”
Boots: Periquita “Sweet Stiletto Boots”
Bracelet: ~LustY~ “Ice Cubes Bracelet- Purple”
Hair: lamb “Shoegaze- Mango (50L Friday 10/2)”
Skin: lessthanthree “Phoebe- 02”
Poses from [LAP]


Freebie Friday 7/10

If you are anything like me, you grab up freebies during hunts and what-not only for them to sit in your inventory to rediscover later. Some of the items pictured are still available, while others were previous gifts. If you grabbed them while available, this can serve as a reminder of what’s in your inventory. If you didn’t get them, I’m sorry to tease you with them!

Freebie Friday 7/10 by you.

*Free Items

Outfit: Cupcakes “HW Shorts Set- Jean/Purple Stars (Group Gift- Joining Fee-Still Available in Notices)”
Skin: Tuli “Hope- Fair June 2009 (Picks Reward Gift- Still Available In Store)”
Shoes: Periquita “Wedges (My Heart Belongs to Daddy Hunt- No Longer Available)”
Hair: Diversity “Deliah- Black (Hair Fair Gift- No Longer Available)”

*Not Free
Tattoos: Otaku Designs “Balance- Color (Review Item)”


Cute n Casual

Casual Mini by you.

There’s a few designers that I get all excited about when I get off-lines that they have dropped goodies on me. Two of them beingAranel A. from *Boom* and Allison M. from aKai. *Boom* has such a wide range of clothing, that I never quite know what to expect when I open up the folder. This week, I opened the Casual Polo Dress in Blueand slipped it on (and left it there for 2 days) immediately. It is one of those versatile dresses that can be dressed down like I did, thrown on with jeans, or made flirty with heels.

From aKai, I’ve come to expect great separates that I’ve had tons of fun mixing into my wardrobe. Allison has just moved into accessories, and shown are her Be Social Shades in Pearl White. Other than the fact that they are extremely cute, I love that they come with the option to wear them on-top of your head, as I don’t think there are enough sunglasses like that iSL.


Tiffer GG


The Full Casual:

Dress: *Boom* “Casual Polo Dress-Blue”
Jacket: Aoharu “Tailored Jacket-White”
Sunglasses: aKai “Be Social Shades-Pearl White”
Ring: Caroline’s “Color Change Heart”
Piercing:ellabella “Pretty Pearls Upon Your Lips”
Shoes: Periquita “Funny Girl Flats-Cyan”
Skin:Tuli “Natalie-Group Exclusive-Pale”

  • All Poses from VPoses

a lil Review: aKai

a lil Review: Akai by you.

In January, Allison Messmer and Foxy Jubilee opened up aKai. Allison makes the clothing- great shirts that can be dressed up or down. For a first time designer, the shading is amazing on the shirts! Foxy makes the poses, a nice variety of poses that can be used for fashion shots or fun photos. They currently have two locations- the main store at Crush Row and a satellite store at LA Street Scene Shopping.

a lil Review: Akai by you.

Tiny Tube in Light Beige and Worth It Tee in Mocha Brown

a lil Review: Akai by you.

Simple Long Sleeve in Red Scarlet and V-Neck Pocket Tee in Ocean Blue


Check out aKai over at Crush Row or LA Street Scene! And, keep scrolling for the full credits on the four outfits seen above!


Tiffer GG


**From Left to Right (in First Pic)**
Shirt: Akai “Worth It Tee-Mocha Brown”
Jeans: Spork“London Jeans-Blue (50L in Malt/Spork Sim Opening Hunt)”
Shoes: Redgrave “Girls Biker Boots-White”
Hair: House of Munster “Wicked 2-Black”
Skin: Tuli “Natalie-Pale-06a”

Shirt: Akai “Tiny Tube-Light Beige”
Shorts: LeLutka “Michelle Pants2-White”
Shoes: LeLutka “Shanon-Beige”
Bracelet: Malt“Braclets-Brown/Silver”
Piercing: ellabella “Cog Me!”
Hair: Truth “Amber-Night”
Skin: Tuli “Natalie-Pale-06a”

Shirt: Akai “V-Neck Pocket Tee-Ocean Blue”
Jeans: lessthan3 “Super Blues”
Shoes: Periquita “Funny Girl Flats-Cyan”
Necklace: Store With No Name “Sorrow Necklace”
Hair: Truth “Gypsy-Night”
Skin: Tuli “Natalie-Pale-06a”
Tattoo: Aitui “Demise/Faded/1”

Shirt: Akai “Simple Long Sleeve-Red Scarlet”
Skirt: Spexx “Jean Skirt”
Shoes: Periquita “Funny Girl Flats-Red”
Jewelry: Deco “Charming Set”
Hair:Pacadi“Susan I- Coffee (Subscribe-O-Matic Gift)”
Skin: Tuli “Natalie-Pale-01a”
*All Poses from Akai


White Out

To me, white pants are a simple way to make a fashion statement. They instantly make an outfit, and are so easy to accessorize around. This past weekend, I couldn’t seem to get out of white pants, in fact!

My first look actually didn’t start with the white jeans. I started this outfit with the great “Margearux Jacket” from Decoy. I chose to wear it with the white belt, and because of that, I decided I needed white pants to complete the look. After going through a few different pair of white jeans, I ended up in Decoy’s “Genesis 10 Jeans.” Since this look seemed a bit high-fashion-attitude to me, I threw on the sunglasses. These are Emery’s “Las Vegas Sunglasses in White,” the perfect big-don’t-look-at-me pair of sunglesses.

Over the weekend, I knew I was going to be hitting the pavement hard at the Shoe Expo. However, I knew my shoes still had to look good! These were a group gift from Periquita (which is still in the archives at their subscribe-o-matic!) and are their “Retro Round Shoes.” I have had these in my inventory for awhile, but had yet to wear them. So, I decided to keep up with theme of wearing items I hadn’t worn in my inventory, yet. Awhile ago, AD had a big sale and I grabbed up a bunch of things, including this top and pants. The “Quilla” shirt was terribly hard at picking a color out in. So, I stuck with the tried and true pink. As for the “Seattle Bottoms,” I was instantly drawn to them in white.


There are my white weekend looks. During the week, though, I’m feenin’ for some color! Hold tight for the full style sheets and I’ll see you later this week with a nice burst of color.


Tiffer GG


What I’m Wearing~

Photos 1 & 2

Jacket: Decoy “Margeaux Jacket-Tangerine”

Pants: Decoy “Genesis 10 Jeans-White”

Shoes: Armidi Gisaci “Dalia Pump-Gold”

Bracelets: MRM “Color Wood Bangle Trio”

Sunglasses: Emery “Las Vegas Sunglasses-White”

Hair: Maitreya “Mica-Natural Blonde”

Skin: Fleur “Vivant Almond Glam 1”

Poses: [LAP]

Photos 3 & 4

Top: AD “Quilla Shirt-Pink”

Pants: AD “Seattle Bottoms-White”

Bracelets: eLDee “Line Bangles-Candy”

Shoes: Periquita “Retro Round Shoe-Pink”

Hair: ETD “Madeline II-Blonde”

Skin: Tuli “Emily Light/1-Coal”

Poses: TwoSome and [LAP]



Standing on Flatter Ground

     While in Phil’s Place, I usually wear heels as much as I can. I love heels in both worlds and the fact that I don’t get virtual blisters makes me love them even more. However, every once in awhile it is fun to switch it up and wear flats. I decided to share with ya’ll my three favorite pair of flats-in no particular order 😉


     The first pair of flats are the “Funny Girl” flats from Periquita. These have been blogged a few times before, but they are so great they deserved to be blogged again. The pointed toe on them is fabulous, and all the colors they come in are absolutely yummy. I have the red (pictured) and cyan, so far, but buying more colors is always a possibility!

     The second pair of flats is the “Scultpted Ballet Flats” from Surf Co. These flats are simple and easy to dress up and down. They come with a set with buttons (pictured) or without.

     The third and final pair of flats come from Veschi. They are simply named “Flats.” The best part about this particular pair of flats is that they are color changable. For one low price, you can have a pair of flats to go with every outfit.

     While this post is about shoes, I just have to mention the dress pictured. While shopping in Big Booty Big Money the other day, I felt the urge to wonder. I usually don’t wonder because this often ends in impulse buys. This dress is one, but I love it! This dress is from DP Serendipity, which was a couple of doors down from BBBM. The dress is called “Ame-OdeKake” and the coloring is so much fun.

     There you have it, three great choices for flats. If you feel like standing on some flatter ground, head on over to Periquita, Surf Co, or Veschi and get you a pair! Hold tight for the full photo credits.



Tiffer GG


Photo Credits:

Photo 1:

Shoes: Periquita “Funny Girl Flats Red”

Dress: DP Serendipity “Ame-OdeKake”

Hair: Truth “Nelly in Dark Blonde”

Skin: Fleur “Vivant Almond Apres Ski 3”

Photo 2:

Shoes: Surf Co. “Sculpted Ballet Flats-Tan”

Dress: DP Serendipity “Ame-OdeKake”

Hair: Truth “Nelly in Dark Blonde”

Skin: Fleur “Vivant Almond Apres Ski 3”

Photo 3:

Shoes: Veschi “Flats”

Dress: DP Serendipity “Ame-OdeKake”

Hair: Truth “Nelly in Dark Blonde”

Skin: Fleur “Vivant Almond Apres Ski 3”