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Skin & Shape Expo: Round 2

These 3 skins really prove how different a skin can make you look. I did not alter my shape (custom from Hourglass Shapes <3) at all for any of these skins, and in each pic I look like a totally different avi. I love it!

Skin Fair: Take 2 by you.

League “Skin Pale- Misty- Classic Dark Bald BT”

I have been wanting a League skin for a bit now, and was just waiting for an excuse to but one. The Skin & Shape Expo seemed like that perfect excuse! This is Misty in Classic Dark, shown in the Pale tone. I like that the face is very simple and the body is perfect. Check out those boobs! The cleavage option is oh-so-sexy!

Skin Fair: Take 2 by you.

Pink Fuel “Honey- Beesting (dkbrow)”

Part of me really didn’t want to get the Pink Fuel skin because of how it is already everywhere. But, after demo’ing it, I got the hype. The face on Pink Fuel’s Beesting (shown in the Honey tone with Dark Brows) is just really sweet and innocent. And, omg! the lips! The gloss is so shiny it looks like if I kissed the screen some would rub off on my lips.

Skin Fair: Take 2 by you.

Adam n Eve “Portia- Tone 1 Dark- Marmalade”

Adam n Eve’s Portia is my first skin from the brand ever. It is not typically a skin I would go for, but I really loved how different it made my avatar look. This is the Marmalade make-up in Tone 1. To me, this is a skin that would be great for models, as it really makes you appear long and lean. I feel like I gained a bit of height wearing this skin! The shading on the body is beautiful, and overall this is just a really well-made skin, and more than likely will be my first of many more skins from Adam n Eve.

Also pictured are lingerie from Cupcakes (in Pics 1 & 2) and Armidi (seen in Pic 3), Hair from Magika, and Poses from Striking Poses.


Tiffer GG








Skin & Shape Expo: Round One

My first trip to the Skin and Shape Expowas this past weekend and I really only planned on doing 3 things there during trip one: grab freebies, grab demo’s, and buy Tuli’s Bella (since she was kind enough to send her group members the demo). I accomplished all of that, as well as bought Rockberry’s latest release. Here are my first 3 picks from the fair (in no particular order), with more to come as soon as I grab my linden and head back!

Skin Fair: Exodi by you.

Exodi “Lily- Frosted Dove (Skin Fair Freebie)”

This is Exodi’s gift at the fair, Lily “Frosted” shown in Dove. I am a fan of Exodi’s skins, but since I’m not a fan of modding my shape, not all of them look right on me. This one is gorgeous, though! And, I love the fact that the free skin is in a make-up that is actually simple and can be worn “everyday.”Skin Fair: Tuli by you.

Tuli “Bella- Sophia Pale”
The one thing I knew I *HAD* to buy at the Skin & Shape Expo, Tuli’s Bella! Bella was released at the fair and at the moment there are only 3 (or is it 4?) make-ups available, out of which I choose Sophia in the Pale tone. Tuli skins are my all-time favorite and are always my go-to skin. Bella is perfect without being perfect, which is what really makes a great skin. The Sophia make-up is also a favorite style of mine, smoky eyes and pale lips.

Skin Fair: Rockberry by you.

Rockberry “Farrah- Tattoed Natural”

I spied Rockberry’s Farrah on the feeds and knew I was going to buy it without waiting to see the demo rez on me. I am a tattoo girl in both lives, and sometimes it can be hard to wear them iSL when styling certain outfits. So, when I saw that Farrah came in  a tattoo version, it was an instant must-have for me. Not to mention, there isn’t a Rockberry skin I haven’t liked and her prices are amazing!


Tiffer GG


*Also Pictured: Hair from Magika, Lingerie from Cupcakes and Poses from [LAP]


starting off a lazy week

starting off a lazy week by you.

Sweater: *BOOM* “Wrong Size Cardi- Black (Review Item)”
Shirt: So Many Styles “Jewel Cactus Tank- Burgundy (Group Gift)”
Pants: *BOOM* “Seaman Pants- Pitch (Review Item)”
Shoes: [ON] “Flip-flops- Black (Freebie)”
Piercing: AddiCt “Double Marilyn Piercing”
Earrings & Necklace: Violet Voltaire “No Love Lost”
Ring: Caroline’s “Color Change Heart Ring- Silver”
Tattoo: Tuli “Stars Tattoo (Lucky Chair)”
Hair: Magika “A- Black A (From Hair Fair)”
Skin: Cupcakes “Enchanted- Apricot- Fairy”
Poses from Imperial Elegance


Blogger Appreciation Post 3 and a Review Rolled Into One

 Blogger Appreciation (Post 3) by you. 

With this look you are getting a two-for-one-blog post. You get to see a few more items that the super-awesome designers have sent out to bloggers, as well as a couple of new items from *Etoile* that were sent to me to review.

The Blogger Appreciation Gifts include the Magika Curl Hair shown in Black A. I had been meaning to go and demo their new curly styles, so I was uber-excited to get all the colors as a gift! Ryker Beck of Genesis sent out 500L gift-cards allowing us bloggers to pick out what we wanted in her store. I ended up going with the Twilight Eyes shown in Anger and her new Adaire Flats shown in Sunshine. The jacket was one of two gifts from DCNY and is the Jaana Black Jacket. All of the fun poses you see were also sent out to the Fashion Blogger Group from Cyanide.

As for the review items, they include the tank and the shorts. Both items are part of the newest releases from *Etoile*. The tank, Foudre, was instant love because of the bright colors. I loved how Lorelle GossipGirl designed the Noir Cotton Shorts to go with them-I prefer a simple color when wearing such a bright shirt. I’ve watched the progress Lorrelle has made and she is definitely improving on her textures. This is a store to watch!


Tiffer GG

Blogger Appreciation Gifts:
Hair: Magika “Curl Hair- Black A”

Jacket: DCNY“Jaana Black Jacket”

Shoes: Genesis“Adaire Flats- Sunshine (purchased with 500L GiftCard given out)”
Eyes: Genesis “Twilight Eyes Anger (purchased with 500L GiftCard given out)”

*All Poses from Cyanide


Review Items:
Top: *Etoile* “Foudre Tank”
Shorts: *Etoile* “Noir Cotton Shorts”


Also Pictured:
Skin: Tuli“Fatith/light/bl/Earth”
Tattoos: dEVOL“Sexy Gun Strat Tattoo”


Freebie Friday (5/1)

Freebie Friday 5/1 by you.

Dress: Encemble “Tasty Set-Red (MainStore Lucky Board)”
Shoes: 50 Flats “Basic-White (Not Free)”
Earrings: Flirt “Tiny Bloom Stud Earrings-Rhodochrosite (Lucky Chair)”
Bag: Dark Mouse “Straw Summer Bag (May Group Gift)”
Band-Aid: lessthanthree “ouchie! 4 (From 24 Hunt)”
Tattoo: Smudge “Tiny Bird (Free at Tiny Bird)”
Hair: Magika “Vanish-Black B (Subscribe-O-Matic Joining Gift)”
Skin: Genesis “Candace-Peach-Spring (Not Free)”
*All Poses from [LAP] “Blogger Pack (Free for Bloggers)”


Tiffer GG


Talk to the Tee-Atomic, Post 1

Noob Love  by you.

Shirt: ATOMIC “I ❤ Noobs Shoulder Tee-Green”
Jeans: Sn@tch “(part of) Street Meat Manifesto-Black”
Shoes: Urban Bomb Unit “Dunks”
Piercing: Mela’s “Double Captive LipRing-Black”
Tattoos: Otaku Designs “Sugar Skulls &amp; Roses Full Body”
Hair: Magika “Anna-Black A”
Skin: Genesis “Candace-Peach-Bare”
*All Poses from Lyndz-Matic


Brought to You By The Letter M: a Year Later

Warning: There may be a bit of sappiness in this post!

A year ago, I decided to start Retail Therapy. After floundering iSL for about 6 months trying to find my niche (the quest to become Queen Bee in GossipGirl Land, dancer, model), I decided to give blogging a go, and found my place. I really never expected to have over 12,000 views- I just thought a few of my friends would read it. I never thought designers would send me review copies and I never thought I would be picked up for syndication  on any feeds. So, thank you to all of those who have visited this blog-even if it was just once. Thank you to all of the designers who thought of me to review their items. Thank you to all of those who run feeds- they truly keep the SL blogosphere going. And, thank you to all the designers for their creativity that inspire me to keep on blogging!

Ok-that out of the way, this post is a homage to my first post in which I created an outfit mostly out of items from stores that started with the letter M. While last time, not all of the items started with the letter M, this time I went all out. Special thanks goes to GoGo who kindly listed tons of M stores for me on Plurk. Now-here’s the look.

Brought to You By: The Letter M (Take 2) by you.

Dress: Mimikri “Darcie Provence/Dress”
Pants: MichaMi “Skinny Pants in Plum”
Shoes: Maitreya “Verve Pumps-Plum”
Necklace: Magika “Mystic Necklaces-Mystic Jewel Necklace”
Ring: Magika “Big Jewels Pack-Big ‘n Sparkly”

LipRing: mela’s“Double Captive Lipring-Black”
Tattoos: moloko “Butterfly Swirl Tattoo”
Skin: minajunk “Live02underline”
Hair: Magika “Charming-Black B”
*All Poses from Mela’s

Thanks again and Xoxo,

Tiffer GG