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Thank You for Keeping Me Clothed, 50L Fridays

Thank you 50L Fridays! by you.

Sweater: Fishy Strawberry “Cuddle Maxipull- Hot Pink (50L Friday: 10/16)”
Pants: L’Abel “(part of) Purple Set (50L Friday: 10/16)”
Shoes: Haysuriza “Sayuri- Violet & Ribbon”
Jewelry: Violet Voltaire “Starlene Set-Purple Haze”
Tattoos: ~silentsparrow~ “(raven’s wing) belladonna;Lepidoptera (50L Friday: 10/16)”
Hair: Refuge “Zoey- Black”
Skin: Cupcakes “Daydream- Honey- Glitter”
Poses from [LAP]


such a dirty pretty thing

let's play a love game by you.

Top: Dirty Pretty Things “Love Game Tee”
Pants: Royal Blue “Zip Up Leggings (50L Friday 10/2)”
Boots: Periquita “Sweet Stiletto Boots”
Bracelet: ~LustY~ “Ice Cubes Bracelet- Purple”
Hair: lamb “Shoegaze- Mango (50L Friday 10/2)”
Skin: lessthanthree “Phoebe- 02”
Poses from [LAP]


Skin & Shape Expo: Round One

My first trip to the Skin and Shape Expowas this past weekend and I really only planned on doing 3 things there during trip one: grab freebies, grab demo’s, and buy Tuli’s Bella (since she was kind enough to send her group members the demo). I accomplished all of that, as well as bought Rockberry’s latest release. Here are my first 3 picks from the fair (in no particular order), with more to come as soon as I grab my linden and head back!

Skin Fair: Exodi by you.

Exodi “Lily- Frosted Dove (Skin Fair Freebie)”

This is Exodi’s gift at the fair, Lily “Frosted” shown in Dove. I am a fan of Exodi’s skins, but since I’m not a fan of modding my shape, not all of them look right on me. This one is gorgeous, though! And, I love the fact that the free skin is in a make-up that is actually simple and can be worn “everyday.”Skin Fair: Tuli by you.

Tuli “Bella- Sophia Pale”
The one thing I knew I *HAD* to buy at the Skin & Shape Expo, Tuli’s Bella! Bella was released at the fair and at the moment there are only 3 (or is it 4?) make-ups available, out of which I choose Sophia in the Pale tone. Tuli skins are my all-time favorite and are always my go-to skin. Bella is perfect without being perfect, which is what really makes a great skin. The Sophia make-up is also a favorite style of mine, smoky eyes and pale lips.

Skin Fair: Rockberry by you.

Rockberry “Farrah- Tattoed Natural”

I spied Rockberry’s Farrah on the feeds and knew I was going to buy it without waiting to see the demo rez on me. I am a tattoo girl in both lives, and sometimes it can be hard to wear them iSL when styling certain outfits. So, when I saw that Farrah came in  a tattoo version, it was an instant must-have for me. Not to mention, there isn’t a Rockberry skin I haven’t liked and her prices are amazing!


Tiffer GG


*Also Pictured: Hair from Magika, Lingerie from Cupcakes and Poses from [LAP]


Freebie Friday 7/24

Freebie Friday 7/24 by you.

Hair: Truth “Jess- Night (Free Instore)”
Shirt: Tuli “Wide Sleave Shirt-White (VIP Group Gift)”
Shoes: [chuchulet] “Sandalettes- Pila- Brown (1L)”
Tattoo: I ❤ Rien “Love is a Game (Free at FabFree Headquarters)”
Skin: (5th & Oxford) “Audrey- English Rose- Tan (Group Gift)”

Not Free
Jeans: Maitreya “BF Jeans- #08”
Poses: [LAP]


a Tribute: Farrah Fawcett

a Tribute: Farrah Fawcett by you.

Farrah Fawcettwas an American Icon. Her signature blonde locks and her role in Charlie’s Angels have secured her a spot in millions of hearts and in pop culture history. Thursday, she lost her battle to cancer. She fought the disease until the very end, even letting cameras in to watch her war for a NBC special. She will be missed, but her passing is bittersweet knowing that her pain and suffering has now ended.


Tiffer GG


Shirt: MG Fashion “Rolled Cuffs Shirt-White Smoke”
Jeans: MG Fashion “Vintage Inspired Jeans-Washed Blue”
Shoes:Kookie “Chic Heels-Creamy Latte”
Hair: Aden “Madison-Light Blonde”
Skin: Cupcakes “Seduction-Copper-Delight”
*Poses from [LAP]


a lil Review: She’s So Unusual Shoes

a lil Review: She's So Unusual Shoes by you.

I’ll admit it-I often get in a shoe rut. I stick to the same stores and forget to try new things. So, when Rowan Carroll of She’s So Unusal Shoes dropped some review copies on me, I was excited to discover a new store to get me out of this rut.

a lil Review: She's So Unusual Shoes by you.

From She’s So Unusual Shoes, Rowan sent me the Eggplant Peep Toe Wedges and the Lime Maryjane Platforms. iRL, I am a total wedge whore. Mostly, because I can wear them without much foot pain (pain is fashion!) and usually don’t fall over in them (I’m not the most graceful thing). I loved how she used a bright pink complimented by a darker wood. Also, the detail on the wood added to the design, making it not just another pair of wedges. The Lime Maryjane Platforms were instantly my favorite. The color drew me in first-it’s a perfect color for spring. Then, I began to look at the detail Rowan paid to the shoe. She used a darker lime on the heel to compliment the rest of the shoe, and the bow completely finished the shoe-adding more detail without making it childish-looking.

So, go check out She’s So Unusual Shoes! You won’t be disapointed!


Tiffer GG


Shoes: She’s So Unusual Shoes “Eggplant Peeptoe Organic Wedges (Review Item)”
Dress: Ibizarre “Ryla Dress-Print Pink (Blogger Appreciation Gift)”
Necklace & Bracelet: ChaosLotus “Lopsided Sucker Set”
Piercing: Seduction “Allure”
Tattoo: InkD Tattoos “Autumn-Full Body”
Hair: Ks2cool “Annah-Black (only 10L)”
Skin: [lessthanthree] “Zoe-Sunburn (RFL)”
*Pose from [LAP]

Shoes: She’s So Unusual Shoes “Lime Maryjane Platforms (Review Item)”
Dress: *Boom* “Meadow-Spring”
Necklace: /artilleri/ “Chunky Bead Necklace”
Ring: Surf Couture “Big Heart Jewelled Ring-Lodi”
Tattoos: Aitui “Demise”
Hair: ETD “Chel-Black”
Skin: Tuli “Faith/Light/Earth”
*Pose from [LAP]


Freebie Friday (5/1)

Freebie Friday 5/1 by you.

Dress: Encemble “Tasty Set-Red (MainStore Lucky Board)”
Shoes: 50 Flats “Basic-White (Not Free)”
Earrings: Flirt “Tiny Bloom Stud Earrings-Rhodochrosite (Lucky Chair)”
Bag: Dark Mouse “Straw Summer Bag (May Group Gift)”
Band-Aid: lessthanthree “ouchie! 4 (From 24 Hunt)”
Tattoo: Smudge “Tiny Bird (Free at Tiny Bird)”
Hair: Magika “Vanish-Black B (Subscribe-O-Matic Joining Gift)”
Skin: Genesis “Candace-Peach-Spring (Not Free)”
*All Poses from [LAP] “Blogger Pack (Free for Bloggers)”


Tiffer GG