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Decoy LOTD

Decoy LOTD by you.

Dress: Decoy “Zafrina- Berry”
Shirt: Decoy “Zanza- Bloom”
Tights: Royal Blue “Line to the Crown- Larva 1”
Shoes: Decoy “Jully Boots- Plum”
Piercing: Otaku Designs “Sweet Attack Lip Piercing”
Tattoos: Otaku Designs “Sugar Skulls & Roses”
Hair: Decoy “Katie- Jet Black”
Skin: Pink Fuel “Honey- Beestung- Dark Brow”
*Poses from flowey


Blogger Appreciation Week (Post 5)

Blogger Appreciation (Post 5) by you.

Blogger Appreciation Gifts:

Skirt: Stellar “Dazzle Fitted Mini Skirt”

Suspenders: Stellar “Dazzle Suspenders”

Shirt: Cyanide “Tank-Grey”

Sunglasses: HOC “Aviator Style Glasses #003 Female”

Piercing: Seduction Ink “Seduction-Alure”

Hair: Tiny Bird “Willow C “Licorice”

Skin: lessthanthree “Circus Girl v.2/Light”

*All Poses from Flowey


Also Pictured:

Earrings: ChaosLotus “Flask Earring/Triple”

Shoes: Maitreya “SoHo Boots- Boho Rock”

Tattoos: Stellar “StarCrazed Tattoo Series 1”


Tiffer GG


a lil Review: Fleur

Second Date by you.

We all know that Fleur makes gorgeous skins. But, did you remember that they also make gorgeous clothes to go with those skins? Recently, Fleur released the Second Date Dress, which truly is the perfect dress for a second date. If I ever actually get a first SL date, and then an offer for a second, I will surely were this dress. The texture on this dress is perfect, and I love the flirty swing of the skirt. And, if you know anything about dressing for a date, you know it’s a great idea to show off one asset and one only-that way you don’t appear slutty or desperate. In this dress, Roslin chose to show off the cleavage, along with just the right amount of leg.

As for the skin, it is of course from Fleur. It is from my favorite line of theirs, Allure. It is their Fall in Love skin in make-up 3 (again, how perfect with the dress?). The jewelry is a gorgeous set of pearls, Golden Pearls of Wisdom, from flirt, which scream classy. The shoes are also an important part of any date look, so I chose Maitreya’s Virtue in Patent Black, which have been a stable in my SL wardrobe since they came out almost a year ago. The hair is from Exile, and is the Laynie style, shown in Twilight. This hair is a fundraiser hair to help cover the costs to pay for Laynie of Savoir Hair son to attend a diabetic camp. So, not only do you get a beautiful hairstyle, but your linden is also going to a great cause. If you would like to donate money directly to the cause, you can use your paypal account and make your donation here:



Tiffer GG


Dress: Fleur “Second Date Dress- Berry”
Shoes: Maitreya “Virtue- Patent Black”
Jewelry: ~flirt~: “Golden Pearls of Wisdom (former Group Gift)”
Piercing: ellabella “Pretty Pearls Upon Your Lips”
Tattoos: lessthanthree “Fables Tat”
Hair: Exile “Laynie- Twilight”
Skin: Fleur “Allure-Alabaster-Fall in Love 3”
*All Poses fromFlowey



a touch of Boho by you.

In either life, tunics excite me. While, iRL I would love to pair them with more jeans, at 5’1″, that would look silly at most times, considering how long they are on me. This particular tunic is from Malt, and is their Le Autumn Tunic in Black and White. The jeans are a great pair of skinny jeans from lessthanthree, who have just recently began making more clothes. The hair is one of the latest releases from LeLutka, Anna, shown in Charcoal Black.

a touch of Boho by you.

 Now, onto the shoes. Kookie had teased with pictures of these a bit before she released them, which I thought was particularly evil (lol). They are the Creamy Latte version of the Chic Heels. For it to be her first go at real toes, she did an amazing job. Plus, she made them so simple to edit them that I didn’t curse or whine while getting them just right.


Tiffer GG


all the Chic

Dress: Malt “LE AUTUMN Tunic-Black/White”
Jeans: lessthanthree “Super Blues-New and Blue”
Shoes: Kookie “Chic Heels-Creamy Latte”
Necklace: Savvy? “Repairs Necklace-Silver/Amber”
Piercing: ellabella “Cog Me!”
Hair: LeLutka “Anna-Charcoal Black”
Skin: Tuli “Natalie-Pale-08a”
*All Poses from Flowey


Getting into the Warm Flow

My mom and sister spent all of last week in St. Maartin’s as an early graduation vacation for my sister. I think their island stay has subconsciously filtered over to my SL. I bought a teeny-tiny-baby island last week and dressed myself in clothes that scream summer while I landscaped and decorated to my heart’s content.

Getting into the Warm Flow by you.

When I saw Ornamental Life’s new Fiddler Skirt, I had to have it. It’s the perfect skirt for a casual summery look. I liked the skirt so much I ended up buying it in Teardrop and Gypsy Smile-and wore the two all of last week. I paired Teardrop with the barely there Tera from *Boom*. I dug through my inventory and found Cupcakes Flared Top in Gold to pair with Gypsy Smile. The shirt does have a flared prim bottom-but I chose to wear it without it. The hair is two of the current must-have styles from MaitreyaFaye and Piper, both shown in Charcoal. The skins are from Tuli’s latest, Natalie, shown in Pale. I love this skin so much that I actually bought every make-up (something I have NEVER done!).

deserted Rose by you.

With Teardrop, I chose to for-go any accessories. However, with Gypsy Smile, HooT’s new Rose Cuff in Desert Sand matched so perfectly that I had to wear it. Due to a SL glitch, the prims on the rose were given no justice in the full-body shots. However, the close-up above really shows off the details put into the roses.


Also, I wanted to note that all of the poses used above are from Flowey– a newer pose shop that is quickly filling up my pose-stands!


Tiffer GG


**First Look**
Shirt: *BOOM* “Tera-Black”
Skirt: Ornamental Life “Fiddler-Teardrop”
Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui “Signature Sandal-Black & Silver”
Hair: Maitreya “Faye-Charcoal”
Skin: Tuli “Natalie-Pale-08a”
*All Poses from Flowey

**Second Look**
Shirt: Cupcakes “Flared Top-Gold”
Skirt: Ornamental Life “Fiddler-Gypsy Smile”
Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui “Signature Sandal- Brown & Gold”
Bracelet:=HooT=  “Rose Wrist Cuffs-Desert Sand”
Hair: Maitreya “Piper II-Charcoal”
Skin: Tuli “Natalie-Pale- 06b”
*All Poses from Flowey


a Darke Affair

a Darke Affair by you.

This is me procrastinating studying for a history test I have in  a little over 12 hours that I have no desire to take…

This is the second look I picked up from Digit Darkes abundance of New Releases. Digit gave us the smoking Affair Dress last year, and now she has managed to make it even hotter with the Foreign Affair. The new design features sexy animal prints. I chose the Zebra/Lemon, and once again paired it with the Clyde Boots, this time in White. The gloves are a dollarbie from the main Digit Darkes store, and are fun! I love gloves-in one instant they can complete an outfit (which spares me from racking my brain trying to pick the right jewelry!). She not only has the Fern Gloves set out for 1L (pictured), but one more color, though I can’t remember which color off the top of my head. The rest of the credits are below, and now I may attempt to go study. Just kidding, I’ll probably go to bed…



Tiffer GG


The Full Affair

Dress: Digit Darkes “Foreign Affair-Zebra/Lemon”
Gloves:Digit Darkes “Gaelic Fern (1L in main store)”
Shoes:Digit Darkes “Clyde Boot-White”
Earrings: Flirt “Simple Interactions”
Hair: Truth “Carrie-Night”
Skin: Tuli “Sumi/Starry/1 Light/Green”
*All Poses from {flowey}