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LOTD 10/3

Lotd 10/2 by you.

Top: Miel “SF Oufit- Coal”
Scarf: Miel “Scarf- Sand”
Pants: artilleri “1st Mate Capris- Dark Blue”
Shoes: *FN* “Arumbi Pumps- Ouro”
Jewelry: Exodi “Autumn Set”
Piercing: AddiCt “Double Marilyn Piercing”
Tattoo: InkD Tattoos “Autumn Full Body”
Hair: ETD “Sarah- Black”
Skin: League “Misty- Pale- Classic Dark”
*Poses from (pda)


a Tribute: Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Tribute by you.

Michael Jacksonwas a man of controversy, and of course his death is marked with that, as well. However, beyond the drama, he was an amazing talent. His music is timeless and has influenced so many other artists. His mark on the fashion world  can still be seen today. The face of music videos was forever changed due to his short movies for his songs. His dance moves have become classics that will remain a part of the dance floor and many artists’ stage performances.

Like so many others, Michael Jackson was a part of my childhood. I remember being young and dancing and singing in my room to “Bad” and “Man in the Mirror.” To this day, my Halloween is not complete without watching the music video for “Thriller.” To show my respect for the King of Pop, I put together this look and danced around the grid. Michael Jackson-you will be missed, but never forgotten.


Tiffer GG


Jacket: Emery “Jacket-Biker-Red”
Shirt:Pigshop “Unisex V-Necks-White”
Pants:Pacadi “Coloured Leggings-Black”
Shoes: Digit Darkes “Clyde Boot-White”
Earrings: Fabulous“Stillmatic-Platinum”
Piercing: Secuction “Allure”
Hair: ETD “Charley-Black”
Skin: Tuli “Faith-Light-Diva”
*Poses from Pulling Strings (“Rock Series”)


a lil Review: Reek and *boom*

a lil Review: Reek and *boom* by you.

Reek is still relatively new to the grid, but has made a name for itself fast. Featuring tons of shirts and fun accessories, Reek is quickly becoming the store to go to when you are looking for a great new shirt. Their latest releases are the Baseball Tees, which come in Classic and Colors.

gettin' low by you.

The jeans are new from *boom* and prove that a simple pair of jeans can be the sexiest thing to wear. The butt on these jeans is perfect, and while a bit low, they still manage to not show an overload of butt cleavage. The prim legs match up perfectly, and the texture is extremely realistic.

Keep scrolling for the full credits and don’t forget to take the trip over to Reek and *boom* for these goodies!


Tiffer GG


Full Style Sheets

*Pic One*

Shirts: Reek “Baseball Tees-Classic; Colors”

Jeans: Boom “Getting Low V2 Blue”
Shoes: Genesis “Adaire Flats-Sunrise”
Necklace: [mpb] “La Paix-Silver”
Tattoos: Otaku Designs “Sugar Skulls and Roses Full Body”
Hair: ETD “Felicity-Black”
Skin:Tuli“Hope Protoype Base Skin (Group Gift)”
*All Poses from Cyanide

*Pic Two*

Jeans: Boom “Getting Low V2 Blue”

Tattoos: Otaku Designs “Sugar Skulls and Roses Full Body”
Hair: ETD “Felicity-Black”
Skin: Tuli“Hope Protoype Base Skin (Group Gift)”
*Pose from



Ivalde: First and Last

I first discovered Ivalde back in November of 2007 when I was still a noob. I instantly fell in love with the wide range of styles, the quality, and the amazing prices. With today being a day of celebrating the stunning designs from Ivalde, I decided it was very fitting to show the very first outfit I bought from Ivalde, the Mya Blue Burlesque Set, and the last, the Latana RFL Dress.

Ivalde: First by you.

Outfit: Ivalde “Mya Blue Burlesque Set”
Gloves: Snatch “Long Gloves-Black”
Shoes: Maitreya “Slinky Stilettos-Silver”
Jewelry: Aurora Borealis “Formal Black Pearls”
Hair: ETD “Loraine 2-Black”
Skin: Tuli “Faith-The Deck Exclusive-Light”
*Poses from Striking Poses

Ivalde: Last by you.

Dress: Ivalde “Latana RFL Dress”
Shoes: Digit Darkes “Paris Boot-Silver”
Earrings & Necklace: Slink “Diamond Solitaire Texture Change Set”
Ring: flirt “Interactions Ring- Silver/Diamond”
Hair: Maitreya “Aisha-Pitch”
Skin: Tuli “Hope Prototype Skin”
*Poses from Striking Poses


Tiffer GG


a lil Review: She’s So Unusual Shoes

a lil Review: She's So Unusual Shoes by you.

I’ll admit it-I often get in a shoe rut. I stick to the same stores and forget to try new things. So, when Rowan Carroll of She’s So Unusal Shoes dropped some review copies on me, I was excited to discover a new store to get me out of this rut.

a lil Review: She's So Unusual Shoes by you.

From She’s So Unusual Shoes, Rowan sent me the Eggplant Peep Toe Wedges and the Lime Maryjane Platforms. iRL, I am a total wedge whore. Mostly, because I can wear them without much foot pain (pain is fashion!) and usually don’t fall over in them (I’m not the most graceful thing). I loved how she used a bright pink complimented by a darker wood. Also, the detail on the wood added to the design, making it not just another pair of wedges. The Lime Maryjane Platforms were instantly my favorite. The color drew me in first-it’s a perfect color for spring. Then, I began to look at the detail Rowan paid to the shoe. She used a darker lime on the heel to compliment the rest of the shoe, and the bow completely finished the shoe-adding more detail without making it childish-looking.

So, go check out She’s So Unusual Shoes! You won’t be disapointed!


Tiffer GG


Shoes: She’s So Unusual Shoes “Eggplant Peeptoe Organic Wedges (Review Item)”
Dress: Ibizarre “Ryla Dress-Print Pink (Blogger Appreciation Gift)”
Necklace & Bracelet: ChaosLotus “Lopsided Sucker Set”
Piercing: Seduction “Allure”
Tattoo: InkD Tattoos “Autumn-Full Body”
Hair: Ks2cool “Annah-Black (only 10L)”
Skin: [lessthanthree] “Zoe-Sunburn (RFL)”
*Pose from [LAP]

Shoes: She’s So Unusual Shoes “Lime Maryjane Platforms (Review Item)”
Dress: *Boom* “Meadow-Spring”
Necklace: /artilleri/ “Chunky Bead Necklace”
Ring: Surf Couture “Big Heart Jewelled Ring-Lodi”
Tattoos: Aitui “Demise”
Hair: ETD “Chel-Black”
Skin: Tuli “Faith/Light/Earth”
*Pose from [LAP]


Take me Away

Sailing Takes me Away by you.

I know I’m not the only one safe in this economy, but I did feel pretty darn secure since I just received a promotion in January. Today, I found out I was laid off and I want to be anywhere but here (and do anything other than write the two papers I have due tomorrow). This look is one of those great spring looks-perfect for the beach that is gorgeous at this time of year, but can get a little chilly. Anyway, I think I just lost all motivation to ramble anymore-so just check out the quick style notes below. And, enjoy Natasha Bedingfield’s song “Take Me Away,” which you can find below as well.


Tiffer GG


Natasha Bedingfield “Pocketful of Sunshine”


Quick Style Notes

Shirt: Akai“Sailor Striped Moose Top-OceanBlue (Subscribe-O-Matic Gift)”
Jeans: MG fashion “Vintage Inspired Jeans-Washed Blue”
Shoes: 50 flats “Basic-Blue”
Necklace: flirt “GoldenPearlsofWisdom”
Piercing: ellabella “Pretty Pearls Upon Your Lips”
Tattoos: ShitLuck“Kanji v2 2”
Hair: ETD “Felicity-Black”
Skin: Diversity“Inanna-Beach-Julianne (Free InStore)”
*All Poses from Akai


Last Minute Easter Gifts

Last Minute Easter Gifts by you.

Bunny Hop Gifts
Dress: Elate “Eve”
Skin: Rockberry “Megan-Light”

Crush Row Hunt
Bracelet: Malt “Easter Bracelet Green”
Earrings, Necklace: Pididdle “Blob Earring & Necklace”
Nails: Pididdle “Metallic Spring:
Poses: Akai

Subscribe-O-Matic Gift:
Maitreya “Group Gift Pumps-Green”

Not Free:
Hair: ETD “Sienna-Black”