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a Dark New Year

a Dark New Year by you.

Every New Years, I freak. I either think about how great or horrible the last year was, and then I begin to stress about if the next year will be good or suck. I know, I totally have a debbie-downer attitude when it comes to the New Year. Anyway, to reflect my dark mood, I chose to wear a dark outfit to bring the New Year in.

a Dark New Year by you.

In my head, I knew I wanted to wear a cute little party dress with pants underneath. Nothing is worse than getting tipsy and showing off all that is under your dress. For the dress, I went with Camila from Annah’s. The pants are my go-to bottoms from Mimikri. The skin, which I adore, was a gift from Fleur’s stocking. While this particular make-up from their Biba line is no longer available, there are a few more variations of the makeup for sale in store.

A Dark New Year by you.

For the full details on my dark New Year’s look, keep on reading. As for you all that are waiting for some mushy New Year’s wishes, skip to the next blog! Just kidding! I do hope you all had a safe and happy New Year and here is to a wonderful 2009!


Tiffer GG


The Full BreakDown

Skin: Fleur“Biba Special Edition”
Hair: Refuge “Beth-Pitch Black”
Dress: Annah “Camila-Black”
Pants: Mimikri “Zoe Pants-Black”
Shoes: Maitreya “Virtue-Patent Black”

Bracelets: Earthstones“Beaded Bangles-Labradorite/Onyx”; Fresh Baked Goods“Jujubes Gem Antique Silver”
Rings: AD “Midnight Onyx”; Caroline’s Jewelry“Courter Onyx and White Diamonds”

Necklace: Aurora Borealis“Formal Black Pearls”


Spoiled for the Holidays

Spoiled for the Holidays by you.

‘Tis the season to give, and designers around the grid have done just that. The goodies these year have been amazing! I wish I had time to show all of them off right now, but I’m sure I’ll be using them throughout the year.

Spoiled for the Holidays by you.

This skin is absolutely gorgeous and was a group gift from Cupcakes. There is a 250L joining fee for the group, but it is well worth it! The dress is from Punch Drunk and will only be available during the holiday season. For 50L, this lovely dress is a steal.

Spoiled for the Holidays by you.

For the rest of the details on what I’m wearing, keep on scrolling. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and enjoy the time with your family and friends!


Tiffer GG


Spoiled in:

Hair: Damselfly“Raevyne-Black Pearl”
Skin: Cupcakes “Celebrity/Sugar Christmas Gift”
Dress: Punch Drunk “Spoiled For the Holidays Gift (50L)”
Bracelets: Fresh Baked Goods“Jujebes Gem Antique Silver Bangles”
Shoes: Juicy “Classic Slingback Pump-Squid Ink”



Lovely Flowers by you.

So, I usually don’t do LOTD’s and I usually am kinda wordy. I don’t feel like it today, though. Other than giving the details of the outfit-which is a freebie, btw-I just wanted to say, I love my new custom shape! It was done by Averie Larnia of Hourglass (I know, I mention the store a lot, but I love supporting my friends). Currently she is charging 750L for her custom shapes. The best part is she offers free tweaking of your shape to go with different skins.

Lovely Flowers by you.

I love how I said I wasn’t going to be wordy, yet I just was a tad. Ok, on to the break down of the outfit:

Shape: Custom Shape from Hourglass
Skin: Fleur“Vivant Almond Basic Nude”
Hair: Maitreya “Jade-Jet”
Dress: Maria Bonita“Lovely Flowers-Black (free instore!)”
Piercing: Poptart “Kat”

Shoes: Truth “Huntress Boots-Night”

Lovely Flowers by you.

I must admit, by the set-up of Maria Bonita and her vendors, I was impressed. Also, the freebie dress is just too adorable. The outfits were in a wide range in styles, and most were under 200L. The only thing I feel I should add is that the designer needs to work on her prims. I had bought another outfit I planned on posting, but after trying to edit the prims, there was just no helping it. She is a new designer, and I just wanted to throw in a little constructive criticism.



Tiffer GG


The Great Grape Escape

Weekends are a time to escape from the normal icky routine of our week. I managed to escape to the desert outside of Digit Darkes. I know, big escape, huh?

This outfit came about because I knew I wanted to wear all of these pieces, as well as blog them. Lucky for me, they all looked great together. Shall we start from the feet up? The shoes were instant love. I really had wanted to avoid going to the Shoe Expo on the day it opened, but after seeing these babies from Maitreya, I had to go ASAP. I don’t know what to say about them, other than they are completely yummy and by purchasing them, I donated money to the ASPCA (I couldn’t have picked a better cause myself! Having 3 adopted doggies, this is one charity I love!).

Since I spent all my money on shoes, I dug thru my inventory for something I hadn’t worn, yet. This dress is based on a Cosmo magazine cover featuring Rihanna. It is from Pin Up Dolls, and is simply titled “Cosmo Dress.” It comes in an assortment of colors, but I’m a purple gal. I love the shade of purple on this dress, the texturing, the cute ruffling, and the lace detail around the bust. It is one cute dress! Finally, my hair! This is one of the first short style I have truly loved in awhile. When I started SL, my avi only wore short hair. I grew tired of the short styles out there, and eventually went a little longer. I recently got the “Sydney” style from Diveristy Hair (thank you again Aleri, you rock!), and I have honestly been wearing it for half a week straight now (I did wash my hair, TYVM). The new textures at Diversity are amazing, and the layering and movement is great on this style. I’ve always liked the hair styles there, but the blondes were never quite right. Now, they are perfect.


That’s all for my fashionable escape in the desert. Don’t worry about me getting to hot-I’ve already moved inside to Diversity to lay around on some of their couches.


Tiffer GG


Photo Credits

Dress: Pin Up Dolls “Cosmo Dress-Great Grape”

Shoes: Maitreya “Virtue-Patent Black”

Bracelets: eLDee “Line Bangles-Plum”

Hair: Diversity Hair “Sydney-Iconic Blonde”

Skin: Tuli “Emily Light/1-Paridis”


Bursting in Blues

This great fluffy dress from Thimbles has set in my inventory for awhile now. As much as I wanted to wear it, I had one problem. No shoes that matched it just right. Thank goodness for the Shoe Fair! At Aphrodite Creation’s booth I found the gourgeously colored “Vintish Art Teal Lilac” heels. The blue in them played perfectly with the blues in the dress.

Since the dress is such a bold piece, I chose to go simpler with the jewelry. Other than my normal piercings, the only jewelry I wore is a bangle from Artilleri. The bangle is great because it is color-changable. As for my legs, since the dress was a little short, I decided to throw on some tights in “Cyan” from Ivalde. And, no outfit is complete without nails from Candy Nail. These are their “Jewel Blue” nails.


There is my head to toe blue look. Right now, I’m feeling a purple rush coming on, so look our for that, and scroll on down for the full style sheets!


Tiffer GG


What I’m Wearing~

Dress: Thimbles “Tiger Lily Dress-Blue Green”

Tights: Ivalde “Cyan Tights”

Bracelet: Artilleri “Wooden Bracelet”

Nails: Candy Nail “Jewel Blue”

Shoes: Aphrodite Creations “AC Vintish Art Teal Lilac”

Hair: Cake “Savanna-Champagne”

Skin: Fleur “Vivant Almond Apres Ski 1”

Poses: [LAP] “Glamour Girl 1 Set”


So Very Pink

I was on such a roll of posting RFL or pink items everyday this week. But, alas, and I am only human and slacked off a day. ::smacks hand “bad girl”:: Anyway, it’s Friday(!) and I am back to blogging! Today, instead of showing a RFL item, I decided to go with a pink outfit. Here we go…

Big Booty, Big Money is having a huge sale! It is set to end soon, so run, don’t walk, over there now! I am talking cheap folks, a sale that cannot be missed (there are even some FREE dresses in the store)! This is “Verty Pink Dress.” The color and the bouncy, almost tu-tu-like skirt is what drew me to this outfit. It is so fun and was under 50L! And gasp, it has a system skirt! That is two days in a row in a system skirt…

Next I have to mention my hair and jewelry. I usually go with blonde locks, but something about this style in black just called to me. This is Digit Darkes “Naturalee-Malibu-Straight” and was a gift from the wonderful and all too kind Sasy S. Since the top of the dress had some leopard print, I decided to play up that with the jewelry. The earrings are from Glamour Puss (I just did a shoot for them-look at for my sexy photos instore!) and are the “Tiger Print Hoops.” For the nails, I went with my fave Candy Nails in the “Tiger Bar. Version.” Also, my piercings are new! These are from Freaking Fabulous Shit and it’s the “Gentle” set.

Alright, that is all from me, today! Incase I slack off and don’t blog over the weekend, I hope you all have a great one! And, if you want a full list of what I’m wearing, scroll on down!


Tiffer GG


What I’m Wearing~

Dress: Big Booty, Big Money “Verty Pink Dress”

Shoes: Maitreya “ChiChi Pumps-Fuschia”

Facial Piercings: Freaking Fabulous Shit “Gentle”

Earrings: Glamour Puss “Tiger Print Earrings”

Hair: Digit Darkes’ “Naturalee-Malibu-Straight Sasy’s Black”

Skin: Tuli “Emily Light/1-Coal”