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Decoy LOTD

Decoy LOTD by you.

Dress: Decoy “Zafrina- Berry”
Shirt: Decoy “Zanza- Bloom”
Tights: Royal Blue “Line to the Crown- Larva 1”
Shoes: Decoy “Jully Boots- Plum”
Piercing: Otaku Designs “Sweet Attack Lip Piercing”
Tattoos: Otaku Designs “Sugar Skulls & Roses”
Hair: Decoy “Katie- Jet Black”
Skin: Pink Fuel “Honey- Beestung- Dark Brow”
*Poses from flowey


from Making Shapes to Dressing your Shape

it's a HooT by you.

Averie Larnia of Hourglass Shapeshas been playing around in Photoshop, and that is a good thing for us! She made a bunch of cute T-Shirts with little animals and yummy foods in bright colors, perfect for the Spring season that is right around the corner. Seen above are the Purple Ice CreamPink Kitty, and Pink Cookie tee’s. I paired them with Decoy’s Flava Pop overalls and the MultiColor PornStars.


I tried to do a close-up, but yay! SL is having it’s disappearing prim issue again. I wanted to show you the eyes that Averie also designed. They are called Starry Eye and have little stars in them. I’m wearing them in Gray. Also, ellabella (whose piercings I adore because she includes copies made to attach to the mouth, nose, and chin!) sent out the cutest group gift- a piercing called Rainbow Raving.


Check out Averie’s shapes and new shirts and eyes at her various Hourglass locations!


Tiffer GG


Shirts (from L-R):
=HooT= “Purple Ice Cream Ringer; Pink Kitty Tee; Pink Cookie Ringer"
Shorts: Decoy “(part of) Flava Pop *Light*-Pink Lemonade”
Shoes: PornStar “Hi-Tops MultiColor v2”
Piercing: ellabella “Ranbow Ravin’ (Group Gift)”
Skin: Tuli “Natalie-Pale 07a”
Eyes: =HooT= “Starry Eye-Gray”
Hair: ETD “Laine-Black”
*All Poses from Skanks ‘r Us


living my Life

white Out by you.

I love Rihanna’s style. I’ve already imitated her style once, as seen here, but couldn’t help myself from doing it again. At the last MTV Video Music Awards, she performed with a biker jacket, jeans, hot boots, and sunglasses. Her look was all in black, but I chose to do it all in white.

white Out by you.

I started with the Moto Jacket from Wrong. For the jeans, I went with a pair from Decoy. The boots of the moment, the Biker Boots from Redgrave, ended on my feet after a whee bit of editing. I love these boots, the texture is perfection, but why didn’t they include a prim-resizer?!? To finish the look, I hid my eyes with a pair of shades from Emery. And since I know you want and need the full break down of the look, I included it for you below. Also, I threw in a link to the video of Rihanna performing in the look I copied. Why? Just because I’m nice like that!


Tiffer GG


Watch and Listen to This:

All the Details

hair: Truth “Damien-Night”
skin: Rockberry“Lily C Light Dk Brows”
sunglasses: Emery “NR Sunglasses Rain”
earrings: ETD “Fringe Earrings-Silver”
jacket: Wrong“Moto Jacket-White”
jeans: Decoy “Genesis 10 Jeans-White”
shoes: Redgrave “Girls Biker Boots-White”


White Out

To me, white pants are a simple way to make a fashion statement. They instantly make an outfit, and are so easy to accessorize around. This past weekend, I couldn’t seem to get out of white pants, in fact!

My first look actually didn’t start with the white jeans. I started this outfit with the great “Margearux Jacket” from Decoy. I chose to wear it with the white belt, and because of that, I decided I needed white pants to complete the look. After going through a few different pair of white jeans, I ended up in Decoy’s “Genesis 10 Jeans.” Since this look seemed a bit high-fashion-attitude to me, I threw on the sunglasses. These are Emery’s “Las Vegas Sunglasses in White,” the perfect big-don’t-look-at-me pair of sunglesses.

Over the weekend, I knew I was going to be hitting the pavement hard at the Shoe Expo. However, I knew my shoes still had to look good! These were a group gift from Periquita (which is still in the archives at their subscribe-o-matic!) and are their “Retro Round Shoes.” I have had these in my inventory for awhile, but had yet to wear them. So, I decided to keep up with theme of wearing items I hadn’t worn in my inventory, yet. Awhile ago, AD had a big sale and I grabbed up a bunch of things, including this top and pants. The “Quilla” shirt was terribly hard at picking a color out in. So, I stuck with the tried and true pink. As for the “Seattle Bottoms,” I was instantly drawn to them in white.


There are my white weekend looks. During the week, though, I’m feenin’ for some color! Hold tight for the full style sheets and I’ll see you later this week with a nice burst of color.


Tiffer GG


What I’m Wearing~

Photos 1 & 2

Jacket: Decoy “Margeaux Jacket-Tangerine”

Pants: Decoy “Genesis 10 Jeans-White”

Shoes: Armidi Gisaci “Dalia Pump-Gold”

Bracelets: MRM “Color Wood Bangle Trio”

Sunglasses: Emery “Las Vegas Sunglasses-White”

Hair: Maitreya “Mica-Natural Blonde”

Skin: Fleur “Vivant Almond Glam 1”

Poses: [LAP]

Photos 3 & 4

Top: AD “Quilla Shirt-Pink”

Pants: AD “Seattle Bottoms-White”

Bracelets: eLDee “Line Bangles-Candy”

Shoes: Periquita “Retro Round Shoe-Pink”

Hair: ETD “Madeline II-Blonde”

Skin: Tuli “Emily Light/1-Coal”

Poses: TwoSome and [LAP]



A Juicy Decoy

While I’ve had items in my inventory from Decoy for awhile now, the store had never made it onto my favorite list. However, that all changed with their recent releases. The shorts, the bathing suits, the shirts, the jackets, and the colors all drew me in, sending me on a linden-spending frenzy. And, earned Decoy a spot in my fave list.

The top is Decoy’s “Sanrio.” The top can be worn as the halter and doubles as a swimsuit. Gotta love two-for-ones! The shorts are the “City Breeze Shorts” and are just the right sexy length. I love the colors on these pieces! They are perfect for summer. And, as usual, I am in Juicy shoes! They just seem to go with everything.

I had to give another view of these clothes-the detailing and texturing is amazing. Also, I finally had the chance to wear my group-gift skin from Artilleri (no longer available). I love the lips and eyes are “Emi”-not too much, but just enough.


Head on over to Decoy to check out the new juicyness for yourself, and hold tight for the full style sheets!


Tiffer GG


Pictured Above~

Shirt: Decoy “Sanrio-Storm”

Shorts: Decoy “City Breeze Shorts-Sky”

Shoes: Juicy “Slingback Pumps-Cotton Candy”

Jewelry: Caroline’s Jewelry “Silver Circles Collection”

Hair: ETD “Alexandra II-Platinum”

Skin: Artilleri “Emi-Cream-Anett”

Poses: Tuli

*Photos Taken at Juicy Boardwalk*