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Skin & Shape Expo: Round 2

These 3 skins really prove how different a skin can make you look. I did not alter my shape (custom from Hourglass Shapes <3) at all for any of these skins, and in each pic I look like a totally different avi. I love it!

Skin Fair: Take 2 by you.

League “Skin Pale- Misty- Classic Dark Bald BT”

I have been wanting a League skin for a bit now, and was just waiting for an excuse to but one. The Skin & Shape Expo seemed like that perfect excuse! This is Misty in Classic Dark, shown in the Pale tone. I like that the face is very simple and the body is perfect. Check out those boobs! The cleavage option is oh-so-sexy!

Skin Fair: Take 2 by you.

Pink Fuel “Honey- Beesting (dkbrow)”

Part of me really didn’t want to get the Pink Fuel skin because of how it is already everywhere. But, after demo’ing it, I got the hype. The face on Pink Fuel’s Beesting (shown in the Honey tone with Dark Brows) is just really sweet and innocent. And, omg! the lips! The gloss is so shiny it looks like if I kissed the screen some would rub off on my lips.

Skin Fair: Take 2 by you.

Adam n Eve “Portia- Tone 1 Dark- Marmalade”

Adam n Eve’s Portia is my first skin from the brand ever. It is not typically a skin I would go for, but I really loved how different it made my avatar look. This is the Marmalade make-up in Tone 1. To me, this is a skin that would be great for models, as it really makes you appear long and lean. I feel like I gained a bit of height wearing this skin! The shading on the body is beautiful, and overall this is just a really well-made skin, and more than likely will be my first of many more skins from Adam n Eve.

Also pictured are lingerie from Cupcakes (in Pics 1 & 2) and Armidi (seen in Pic 3), Hair from Magika, and Poses from Striking Poses.


Tiffer GG








Talk to the Tee-Reek

RaWR! by you.

I thought I was done rocking tees with sayings on ze blog. Then Saturday Reek releases new tees. I’ll admit, I’d never been there, but when I saw a shirt that said “Rawr!”I had to teleport on over (sidenote: I desperately wish I could teleport where I need to go iRL). For years, I’ve walked around and randomly said “rawr,” sometimes I even use it as my sexy sound (just kidding). Anyway, so you are getting another post of me in a tee. Oh, and, another one tomorrow thanks to ~momo~ releasing new tees. Blame the designers, not me.


Tiffer GG


Shirt: Reek“Rawr! Tee”
Belt: Reek “I Heart Stripes Belt”
Pants: Armidi“Brindisi Slacks-Bozu Pink”
Shoes: 50 Flats “Basic-Apple Green”
Tattoos: Otaku Designs “Sugar Skulls &amp; Roses”
Hair: Exile “Rosalie-8Ball (with sunglasses)”
Skin: Genesis“Candace-Peach-Glitteratti (Group Gift)”
*All Poses from VP Poses


reigning Style

raining Style by you.

Digit Darkes is one designer that has mastered mixing the right amount of sex appeal and class. Rain shows just the right amount of skin, without looking like a dirty whore. The skirt fits the high standards Digit has set for herself, and has the usual detail and movement we have come to expect. The hair is Diversity’s newest release-Shyane. I love Aleri’s hair, and I love the fun that this style brings.


Coming up tomorrow is my last look fromDigit Darkes Spring Collection.


Tiffer GG


Style Sheet

Outfit: Digit Darkes “Rain-Ice”
Shoes: Armidi Gisaci “Oxford Leather Ankle Boot-Silver”
Earrings and Bracelet: Flirt “Fragile Collection”
Hair: Diversity“Shyane-Black”
Skin: LeLukta“London Light-Revolution1 (Only available at LeLook Sim)”
*All Poses from Vain


Backstage Groupie

Backstage Groupie by you.

Good Charlotte

Summer is a great time to catch some awesome bands in concert. I was lucky enough to catch 5 bands the other weekend for only $10! Boys Like Girls, Good Charlotte, MetroStation, The Maine, and Secret Cool rolled into my city and put on an awesome show. The cute outfits I spotted on the concert-goers inspired me to make my own hot virtual look and blog after a couple weeks away from the blogshpere.

Backstage Groupie by you.

MetroStation aka Miley Cyrus’ Brother’s Band

I’ll admit it, I’m not a die-hard fan of any of the bands I saw. BUT, I went hoping to catch Good Charlotte’s most famous groupies-Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton. While Paris wasn’t there, I did catch a glimpse of Nicole, as well as her beautiful daughter, Harlow. Nicole was dressed down (I recently read a quote from her where she said she now dresses in clothes to get thrown-up on…gotta love being a new mom!), but the other girls backstage were adorable! I saw lots of cute dresses and comfy boots. I recreated the look with Armidi’s “Keiko Tunic” and Truth’s “Huntress Boots.”

Backstage Groupie by you.

Boys Like Girls

If you are truly a stylish groupie, a tunic and boots are not enough! I threw on a necklace I got from Aoharu’s ice-cream festival and my favorite silver bangle from Fae Designs. The day of the concert, it was in the 90’s, so a ponytail was essential to this look. I went with one of Diversity’s newest styles, “Carrie.” As for the skin, I knew I wanted a low-key style, since too much make-up wouldn’t last in the heat. Lucky for me, M&R Cupcakes had just sent out this skin to their group, that was just right.


There is my take on a look that a backstage groupie would throw on to a hot summer concert. I hope you enjoyed that, as well as my concert pics! Keep scrolling for the full style sheet!


Tiffer GG


Pictured Above~

Skin: M&R Cupcakes “Birthday Suit-Blush-Freebie Skin #2”

Hair: Diversity “Carrie-Iconic Blonde”

Dress: Armidi “Keiko Tunic Dress-Vixen”

Shoes: Truth “Huntress Boots-Night”

Necklace: Aoharu “SoftIceCream-Silver”

Bracelet: Fae Designs “Chunky Silver Bracelet”


Time To Get Out the Nair

It’s warm! Spring is here! That means that it’s time to pull out those shorts! I have picked three of my favorite pairs of shorts to show ya’ll. (Considering my last post was on my three fave pairs of flats, I guess it’s safe to say all good things come in three.)

I avoided denim shorts on purpose. With so many colors and materials that designers are making shorts with, I felt like showing all some of the great styles. The first pair of shorts are from Cashmere. The shirt is included, and the outfit is called “Jora.” Also included in the set are a pair of red tights (not pictured).

I love the new short sets that Armidi has come out with. I had the hardest time not buying them all! There are so many great color choices. I ended up settling on the “Cambridge-Aufren Light Grey.” I love the gold and silver together, and the prim sleeves and collar are perfect. I opted not to wear the prim cuffs on the shorts, because they gave me more trouble than they were worth.


The last pair of shorts I picked out is technically a jumper. This is Emery’s “Jumpersuit in Turqoise.” I love the color on this! The wrinkling and tie around the neck really add to the realism of the jumper.


Those are my three fave pair of shorts in my inventory. Hang tight for the full product info!


Tiffer GG


Items Pictured~

Photo 1

Outfit: Cashmere “Jora”

Shoes: Storm Schmooze “Suomi SuedeNaturel”

Hair: MMS “Venessa in Natural Blonde”

Skin: Fleur “Vivant Almond Apres Ski 2”

Photo 2

Outfit: Armidi “Cambridge-Aufren Light Grey”

Shoes: ETD “Wedge Pumps Silver”

Hair: Truth “Gwenevere (Dark Blonde)”

Skin: Fleur “Vivant Almond Apres Ski 1”

Photo 3

Outfit: Emery “Jumpersuit in Turqoise”

Shoes: ETD “Hampton Wedge (Pink)”

Jewelry: Schadenfreude “Plastic Heart Bangles and Earrings”

Hair: ETD “Alexandra II-Blonde”

Skin: Fleur “Vivant Almond Apres Ski 2”

(All photos taken in the Carnival of Doom Sim)