a lil Review: 5th & Oxford

Over at Fleur, major changes are underway. First, is up is a new name: 5th & Oxford. Second, instead of just skins, Roslin and CJ will be focusing on creating a whole lifestyle line. What does that mean exactly, you ask? According to Roslin, it means the addition of male clothes and furniture. Also, there is a possibility of 5th & Oxford including male skins and prefabs to the new brand.


The first release under the re-branding will be their latest skin, Audrey. I didn’t think they would ever be able to beat the Allure skins, but they outdid themselves with Audrey. The skins are absolutely gorgeous and the makeup selections are fabulous! The makeups range from minimum to full on glam styles. Since pictures speak more than words, I will stop rambling now and show you what you really want!

5th&Oxford- Audrey by you.

Fair- shown in Smoky 2 and Smolder 4

5th&Oxford- Audrey by you.

Medium- shown in Fresh 1, Fresh 5 and Smolder 1

5th&Oxford- Audrey  by you.

Tan- shown in Fresh 4, Smoky 1 and Smolder 5


Keep your eyes on the lookout for Audrey! She will be out soon at the new Fleur, 5th & Oxford.


Tiffer GG


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