Bandana Day 2009

Bandana Day 2009 by you.

When I was younger, my Aunt Libby would come and visit us in Virginia every once in awhile. I understood that she had breast cancer (atleast as much as a kid could understand cancer), but she still always looked so beautiful and not sick at all. I always thought that her hair was real, until one morning I saw her without her wig. That is when I started to understand the disease a bit more. Eventually, the cancer spread through her whole body and she lost her battle.


Today, in her honor, as well as all of those cancer survivors, those currently fighting it, and the families and friends who have loved ones suffering with them, I take off my beloved SLhair, replacing it with a bandanna. This bandanna is from Damselfly and is their Dainty Pinkdesign. You can purchase this, as well as so many other bandanas from some of the best designers around the grid at the Hair Fair(which has been extended to July 6th). All proceeds of the bandannas will go to Locks of Love. While there, go hair crazy and snatch up many exclusive styles that give proceeds to the charity, also. If you do not want any hair (gasp!), there are places set up to make donations around the sims.


Tiffer GG


Style Details

Bandanna: Damselfly “Dainty Pink”
Dress: Icing “Cotton Candy”
Jewelry: Dark Mouse“Spheres Pink Tourmaline Set (RFL Exclusive)”
Shoes: Juicy “Slingback Pumps-Marshmallow”
Skin: lessthanthree “Zoe-Alice”
*Poses from TorridWear


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