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Freebie Friday 7/24

Freebie Friday 7/24 by you.

Hair: Truth “Jess- Night (Free Instore)”
Shirt: Tuli “Wide Sleave Shirt-White (VIP Group Gift)”
Shoes: [chuchulet] “Sandalettes- Pila- Brown (1L)”
Tattoo: I ❤ Rien “Love is a Game (Free at FabFree Headquarters)”
Skin: (5th & Oxford) “Audrey- English Rose- Tan (Group Gift)”

Not Free
Jeans: Maitreya “BF Jeans- #08”
Poses: [LAP]


a lil Review: Envy Skins

a lil Review: Envy Skins by you.

Last week Kira Paderborn, the creator behind Shapes by Kira and Corrupted Innocence, released her first line of skins, Envy. Kira has been working on skins for around 2 years, but wasn’t satisfied enough with the product to release it until Envy.

a lil Review: Envy Skins by you.

Envy comes in six different make-ups. These are only the first makeups of two that Kira has promised, and are more basic. Above are make-ups B and C.

a lil Review: Envy Skins by you.

The makeups for E and F feature a bit more of a dramatic shadow than the rest of the styles.

a lil Review: Envy Skins by you.

The body on Envyis exceptional for any skin, especially for a first-time skin designer. Although you can’t really tell with my hair, the ears are great, along with the teeth, which are two areas I’ve noticed is missed on some skins. The body is soft and there is the right amount of definition in the places it matters most- such as the breast, belly button, stomach, and lower back.


The skins sell for 600L each or you can get the whole fat-pack for the amazing deal of 2400L. Kira also designed a shape specially made for the skins, which sells for 800L. You can find the skins at both Shapes by Kira and Corrupted Innocence.


Tiffer GG


~Also Pictured

Hair: Maitreya “Reign- Pitch (Hair Fair)”

Eyes: [AddiCt] “Doll Eyes- Gray- Natural 2 (Review Item)”

Bathing suit: *BOOM* “Wild Girl 1- Red (Review Item)”



Freebie Friday 7/17

Freebie Friday 7/17 by you.

*Free Items*
Shirt: Pig “Ladies Like Flowers- Rouge (I <3 Starlust Group Gift)”
Skirt: So Many Styles “Boho Long Skirt- Grey (Group Gift)”
Hair: Exile “Jordin- Twilight (was a gift- from something? Sorry!)

*Not Free*
Skin: Cupcakes “Seduction- Wheat- Delight”
Tattoos: Isle’s Ink “Asian Tattoo”
*Poses from Imperial Elegance


Amped in St. Tropez

There are a couple of things that really make my Second Life complete. The first being new releases from *BOOM*. I never know what to expect when I get a folder from Aranel Ah– I just know I’m going to love it. The same is to be said with *BOOM*’s latest, Amped, shown here in Purple. Amped is a sexy romper-ish (Shorts set? I can’t think of what to call this) that includes a sash at the waist in either a color that matches the outfit completely or a darker version of the color. I went with the darker purple because I liked the way it complimented the outfit. The outfit also comes with strings for the back of the halter to help add to the realism of the whole look.

"Amped" in "St. Tropez" by you.

Another thing that makes my Second Life is good customer service. Last weekend the huge powerhouse known as LeLutka released a whole new slew of items, one of which being theSt. Tropez shoes. Now, I’m not one of those that drops everything and runs when LeLutkareleases items, but these shoes were too hot to wait a few days to buy. The day after making my purchase of one pair of the heels, I logged in to find a fatpack of them awaiting me in my inventory. My jaw dropped and I immediately read the notecard. There had been some type of error (I believe scripting) in the shoes that had been noticed by customers and fixed by the designer. As an apology, everyone who had purchased the shoes received the fatpack as an apology. The fact that within 24 hours the team discovered and fixed the problem is amazing, and the fact they gave everyone not only an update, but a fatpack is awesome and goes to show that there is good customer service out there iSL.



Tiffer GG


Seen Above

Outfit: *BOOM* “Amped- Purple (Review Item)”
Shoes: [LeLutka] “St. Tropez Shoes- Gold”
Piercing: AddiCt “Double Marilyn Piercing”
Bracelet: Fresh Baked Goods “Checkerboard Gem Cookie Cuff- Golden (My Heart Belongs to Daddy Hunt)
Tattoo: Isle’s Ink “Asian Tattoo”
Hair: [Raspberry Aristocrat] “Madison Hair- Black Beauty (Hair Fair)”
Skin: (5th & Oxford) “Audrey- Tan- Fresh 4 (Review Item)”
*Poses from Pudge


all about me: The Meme

So, I’m bored and felt like sharing some stuff about my RL self. I took this from who took it from Gabby Panacek of Couture Conundrum.

1. Who was your first prom date?
I only went to my junior prom, and that was with my high school sweetheart, Alex.

2. Do you still talk to your first love?
Nope. He has kids and is either married or engaged. I did see him last Christmas Eve at the mall, though.

3. What was your first alcoholic drink?
Vodka and OJ

4. What was your first job?
An associate at A&N

5. What was your first car?
an early 90’s Mercury Sable

6. Who was the first person to text you today?
my bff Cara- we were supposed to take her daughter to see a free movie and both of us forgot

7. Who is the first person you thought of this morning?
no one- is that horrible?

8. Who was your first grade teacher?
I have no clue! It always amazes me when people can remember that stuff!

9. Where did you go on your first ride on an airplane?
My first flight I don’t remember since I was like 4, but it as to DisneyWorld. My first flight I remember was to Los Angeles and I was 21.

10. Who was your first best friend and do you still talk?
My first really true best friend was name Tiffany, too. They called me TS and her TW. By high school, we started growing apart since we both fell into different cliques.

11. Where was your first sleep over?
I was about the same age as the girl across the street, so we would stay at each other’s houses.

12. Who was the first person you talked/will talk to today?
My brother- I was hoping he was making something good for breakfast.

13. Whose wedding were you in the first time?
My aunt’s

14. What was the first thing you did this morning/first thing you will do when you log in?
First thing I did this AM was smoke and grab a soda/when I logged in, I got pissed because 30 seconds after logging in I got logged out due to a restart in my region

15. What was the first concert you ever went to?
Backstreet Boys- don’t judge

16. What was your first record/tape?
Michael Jackson’s “Bad” was the first tape I remember listening to

17. First hospitalization?
I was in like 2nd grade- I had my tonsils removed

18. First foreign country you’ve been to?
none, yet- I go to Mexico in November

19. First movie you remember seeing?

20. When was your first detention?
I got detention in 9th grade for skipping class, but skipped that as well

21. Where did you first meet your spouse/partner now?
I don’t have one, but am taking applications

22. Who was your first roommate?
I’ve never had a roomate- I’m still stuck in hell with my family

23. What did you do with your first paycheck?
I’m sure I bought gas and then booze and cigs


LOTD 7/12

LOTD 7/12 by you.

Shirt: Cupcakes “(Part of) Zebra!- Multi Tee”
Skirt: Kenzie & Co. “Slick Black Highwaisted Skirt”
Shoes: Urban Bomb Unit “PornStar Hi-Tops Multicolor v2”
Piercing: [AddiCt] “Double Marilyn Piercing”
Bracelets: [chuculet] “Bangles- Thin Collection- Silver”
Hair: ::XS:: “Messy Hair- Black (Hair Fair)”
Skin: 5th & Oxford “Audrey- Tan- Smolder 5”
*All Poses from PDA


a lil Review: 5th & Oxford

Over at Fleur, major changes are underway. First, is up is a new name: 5th & Oxford. Second, instead of just skins, Roslin and CJ will be focusing on creating a whole lifestyle line. What does that mean exactly, you ask? According to Roslin, it means the addition of male clothes and furniture. Also, there is a possibility of 5th & Oxford including male skins and prefabs to the new brand.


The first release under the re-branding will be their latest skin, Audrey. I didn’t think they would ever be able to beat the Allure skins, but they outdid themselves with Audrey. The skins are absolutely gorgeous and the makeup selections are fabulous! The makeups range from minimum to full on glam styles. Since pictures speak more than words, I will stop rambling now and show you what you really want!

5th&Oxford- Audrey by you.

Fair- shown in Smoky 2 and Smolder 4

5th&Oxford- Audrey by you.

Medium- shown in Fresh 1, Fresh 5 and Smolder 1

5th&Oxford- Audrey  by you.

Tan- shown in Fresh 4, Smoky 1 and Smolder 5


Keep your eyes on the lookout for Audrey! She will be out soon at the new Fleur, 5th & Oxford.


Tiffer GG