a lil Review: Storin Umbrella Poses

storinrev by you.

I’ve been a fan of Storin’s poses for awhile now. In fact, I probably own 75% of them! Last week, Annah Whitfield dropped her latest set, Umbrella Poses, on me. I had so much fun shooting at the Cupcake SIM with these poses! The poses come with two umbrellas-one that is open (shown) and one that is closed (not shown). The umbrella’s can be re-textured to match any of your outfits. Shown above are the majority of the open umbrella poses, but also included in the pack are closed umbrella poses.

As for the clothes, the dress and shoes are RFL items. The dress is the Haver Tiered Flock from [W&B] and the shoes are the adorable Unique Birdie Kat Platforms from Kookie.

The other items are not pictured, but are worth a mention. The hair is from Dark Mouse and is the Isabella in Dark Black. The skin, as you would expect from me, is Tuli’s Faith in Classic. The bracelets are from [LeeZu] and are the laALa Bracelets shown in Wood. For any of the other items pictured, keep on scrolling below!


Tiffer GG


Poses and Umbrella: Storin “P15-Umbrella (Review Item)”


Dress:  [W&B] “Haver Tiered Flock (RFL)”
Shoes: Kookie “Unique Birdie Kat Platforms (RFL)”
Earrings: Dark Mouse “Shiny Silver Large Hoop Earrings (Group Gift-April)”
Piercing: ellabella “Cog Me!”
Bracelet: [LeeZu] “lalALa Bracelet- Wood”
Tattoo: InkD Tattoos “Autumn”
Hair: Dark Mouse “Isabella-Dark Black”
Skin: Tuli “Faith-Light/BL-Classic”
*Photos taken at the Cupcake SIM


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