Blogger Appreciation Post 3 and a Review Rolled Into One

 Blogger Appreciation (Post 3) by you. 

With this look you are getting a two-for-one-blog post. You get to see a few more items that the super-awesome designers have sent out to bloggers, as well as a couple of new items from *Etoile* that were sent to me to review.

The Blogger Appreciation Gifts include the Magika Curl Hair shown in Black A. I had been meaning to go and demo their new curly styles, so I was uber-excited to get all the colors as a gift! Ryker Beck of Genesis sent out 500L gift-cards allowing us bloggers to pick out what we wanted in her store. I ended up going with the Twilight Eyes shown in Anger and her new Adaire Flats shown in Sunshine. The jacket was one of two gifts from DCNY and is the Jaana Black Jacket. All of the fun poses you see were also sent out to the Fashion Blogger Group from Cyanide.

As for the review items, they include the tank and the shorts. Both items are part of the newest releases from *Etoile*. The tank, Foudre, was instant love because of the bright colors. I loved how Lorelle GossipGirl designed the Noir Cotton Shorts to go with them-I prefer a simple color when wearing such a bright shirt. I’ve watched the progress Lorrelle has made and she is definitely improving on her textures. This is a store to watch!


Tiffer GG

Blogger Appreciation Gifts:
Hair: Magika “Curl Hair- Black A”


Jacket: DCNY“Jaana Black Jacket”


Shoes: Genesis“Adaire Flats- Sunshine (purchased with 500L GiftCard given out)”
Eyes: Genesis “Twilight Eyes Anger (purchased with 500L GiftCard given out)”


*All Poses from Cyanide



Review Items:
Top: *Etoile* “Foudre Tank”
Shorts: *Etoile* “Noir Cotton Shorts”



Also Pictured:
Skin: Tuli“Fatith/light/bl/Earth”
Tattoos: dEVOL“Sexy Gun Strat Tattoo”


2 Responses to “Blogger Appreciation Post 3 and a Review Rolled Into One”

  1. 1 Heidi Volare
    May 15, 2009 at 6:56 pm

    *peeking between fingers*

    I haven’t opened my blogging gifties yet! I am waiting for a nice quiet time and have SL Christmas.

    From what I can see through my fingers, you look adorable!

    –Heidi Volare

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