a lil Review: Fleur

Second Date by you.

We all know that Fleur makes gorgeous skins. But, did you remember that they also make gorgeous clothes to go with those skins? Recently, Fleur released the Second Date Dress, which truly is the perfect dress for a second date. If I ever actually get a first SL date, and then an offer for a second, I will surely were this dress. The texture on this dress is perfect, and I love the flirty swing of the skirt. And, if you know anything about dressing for a date, you know it’s a great idea to show off one asset and one only-that way you don’t appear slutty or desperate. In this dress, Roslin chose to show off the cleavage, along with just the right amount of leg.

As for the skin, it is of course from Fleur. It is from my favorite line of theirs, Allure. It is their Fall in Love skin in make-up 3 (again, how perfect with the dress?). The jewelry is a gorgeous set of pearls, Golden Pearls of Wisdom, from flirt, which scream classy. The shoes are also an important part of any date look, so I chose Maitreya’s Virtue in Patent Black, which have been a stable in my SL wardrobe since they came out almost a year ago. The hair is from Exile, and is the Laynie style, shown in Twilight. This hair is a fundraiser hair to help cover the costs to pay for Laynie of Savoir Hair son to attend a diabetic camp. So, not only do you get a beautiful hairstyle, but your linden is also going to a great cause. If you would like to donate money directly to the cause, you can use your paypal account and make your donation here: http://mslaynie.livejournal.com/714026.html



Tiffer GG


Dress: Fleur “Second Date Dress- Berry”
Shoes: Maitreya “Virtue- Patent Black”
Jewelry: ~flirt~: “Golden Pearls of Wisdom (former Group Gift)”
Piercing: ellabella “Pretty Pearls Upon Your Lips”
Tattoos: lessthanthree “Fables Tat”
Hair: Exile “Laynie- Twilight”
Skin: Fleur “Allure-Alabaster-Fall in Love 3”
*All Poses fromFlowey


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