Talk to the Tee-Reek

RaWR! by you.

I thought I was done rocking tees with sayings on ze blog. Then Saturday Reek releases new tees. I’ll admit, I’d never been there, but when I saw a shirt that said “Rawr!”I had to teleport on over (sidenote: I desperately wish I could teleport where I need to go iRL). For years, I’ve walked around and randomly said “rawr,” sometimes I even use it as my sexy sound (just kidding). Anyway, so you are getting another post of me in a tee. Oh, and, another one tomorrow thanks to ~momo~ releasing new tees. Blame the designers, not me.


Tiffer GG


Shirt: Reek“Rawr! Tee”
Belt: Reek “I Heart Stripes Belt”
Pants: Armidi“Brindisi Slacks-Bozu Pink”
Shoes: 50 Flats “Basic-Apple Green”
Tattoos: Otaku Designs “Sugar Skulls & Roses”
Hair: Exile “Rosalie-8Ball (with sunglasses)”
Skin: Genesis“Candace-Peach-Glitteratti (Group Gift)”
*All Poses from VP Poses


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