Cool Blue

Cool Blue by you.

It literally went from 60 Degrees to 90 Degrees overnight here in lovely Richmond, Virginia. This look is totally something I would wear iRL right now in an attempt to beat the heat. The dress is the Chola Dress from Kenzie and Co. and looks like it would be an easy way to cool off. I paired it with leggings from Pacadi for two reasons- I liked the look for SL and iRL I’d have to wear them to cover the two huge bruises on my right leg (one from walking into furniture and the other is a mysterious bruise that happened while I was drunk haha). The skin is Tuli’sgroup gift of her upcoming skinline, Faith, that I am having a terrible time taking off-the lips are perfect and I love the doe-eyed look. Anyway, I am going to cut down the computer in an attempt to atleast free me of that little bit of heat. All of your credits are below!


Tiffer GG


Dress: Kenzie & Co“Chola Dress/Shirt-Crips”
Leggings: Pacadi “Coloured Leggings 3-Pack-Black (Group Gift)”
Shoes: Royal Blue “Royal Heavy Metal Boots (Lucky Chair Gift)”
Earrings: Dark Mouse “Peace on Earth-Silver”
Piercing: ellabella “Celestial”
Tattoos: lessthanthree “Fables Tat”
Hair: lamb “Cherry-Ink”
Skin: Tuli “Faith-Light (Group Gift-250L Joining Fee)
*All Poses from TorridWear (Currently having a sale!)


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