Condoms Filled with Goodness

I know what a lot of you are thinking-not another hunt. But-this hunt actually has a great message! April is STD Awareness Month, so (the NEW!) Snatch Cityis having a sim-wide Condom Hunt. You can get all the details here: http://snatch-sl.blogspot.com/, and hurry up since it ends Monday 4/20!

STD awareness is extremely important, so kudos to Iveyfor bringing up the topic in a fun way. This topic is close to me, personally, because  3 years ago I had an irregular PAP Smear and ended up having a strand of HPV, which can sometimes be cancerous. Luckily, the stream I had was not cancerous, but it has really made me think a lot more about forcing the guy to put on a condom- none of us are safe from STD’s! So, ladies, take your yearly trip to the Gyno and fellows, suck it up and go to the Doctor. And, if you don’t have health insurance, look into local Free Clinics whom usually offer free testing!

That out of the way-here are the goodies I found on the hunt!

Great Condom Hunt '09 by you.

**From Hunt**
Dress: The Hunger “Dead Flowers Dress”
Shoes: Retox “Studded Boot”
Bracelet: Retox “Wrapped Cuff-Red”
Skin: [42] “Filth-Neutral”

**Also Pictured**
Piercing: Mela’s “Double Captive Lipring-Black”
Tattoos: InkD Tattoos “Autumn”
Hair: {fascino} “Cactus-Black Mesh”
*All Poses from Striking Poses


Tiffer GG



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