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Chill Out Dude

Chill Out Dude by you.

Shirt & IceCube: Atomic “Just Chill Tee (10L)”
Pants: Storin “Sam Pants-Marine”
Shoes: Shiny Things “Freebie Painter Shoes-Gnubie”
Tattoos: ShitLuck “Kanji Tattoo 1”
Hair: Truth “Willow-Night”
Skin: Genesis “Candace-Peach-Bare”
*All Poses from Lyndz-Matic


Tiffer GG


Talk to the Tee-Atomic, Post 1

Noob Love  by you.

Shirt: ATOMIC “I ❤ Noobs Shoulder Tee-Green”
Jeans: Sn@tch “(part of) Street Meat Manifesto-Black”
Shoes: Urban Bomb Unit “Dunks”
Piercing: Mela’s “Double Captive LipRing-Black”
Tattoos: Otaku Designs “Sugar Skulls & Roses Full Body”
Hair: Magika “Anna-Black A”
Skin: Genesis “Candace-Peach-Bare”
*All Poses from Lyndz-Matic


Interview Me!

feeling Grey by you.

So, yesterday my company did mass layoff’s and now I must head into this shitty job market. When you are actually lucky enough to get an interview, it’s not just your qualifications that they look at-it’s how you dress. First impressions are always the most important and lasting ones!

The look above would be a great interview look- professional but since stylish. When Axel released all of their newness, I had to control myself. I didn’t realize that all of their pieces came as fatpacks-and were extremely reasonably prized. Shown are two of their new pieces-the Simone Sweater and Simone Floral Skirt, both shown in Cream. The necklace is a teaser piece from VintageWear’s next conquest-jewelry. This is the Obsidian Droplet and is designed under the name [mpb]. Now, to another designer that is trying something new. Dark Mouse has decided to try her hand at hair, and boy did she succeed! The textures and the styles are all fantastic, and don’t be surprised if you catch me wearing her hair on this blog more than once! Shown is her freebie hair, Basha in Dark Black. I must mention, though, that her regular priced hairs are a steal, as well! Since the look was already muted in color, I decided to wear Rockberry’s latest group gift, the Character Skin. This skin is extremely unique-not one I would wear everyday, but definitely one that works  great with black and white looks.


Tiffer GG


Top: Axel “Simone Sweater Set-Creamy”
Skirt: Axel “Simone Floral Skirt-Cream”
Shoes: Storm Schmooz“Laque Black”
Earrings: Artilleri “Teardrop Earrings”
Necklace: [mpb]“Obsidian Droplet (found in VintageWear Main Store)”
Hair: Dark Mouse“Basha-Dark Black (Free In Main Store)”
Skin: Rockberry “Character Skin (Free to Group Members)”
*All Poses from Storin


Take me Away

Sailing Takes me Away by you.

I know I’m not the only one safe in this economy, but I did feel pretty darn secure since I just received a promotion in January. Today, I found out I was laid off and I want to be anywhere but here (and do anything other than write the two papers I have due tomorrow). This look is one of those great spring looks-perfect for the beach that is gorgeous at this time of year, but can get a little chilly. Anyway, I think I just lost all motivation to ramble anymore-so just check out the quick style notes below. And, enjoy Natasha Bedingfield’s song “Take Me Away,” which you can find below as well.


Tiffer GG


Natasha Bedingfield “Pocketful of Sunshine”


Quick Style Notes

Shirt: Akai“Sailor Striped Moose Top-OceanBlue (Subscribe-O-Matic Gift)”
Jeans: MG fashion “Vintage Inspired Jeans-Washed Blue”
Shoes: 50 flats “Basic-Blue”
Necklace: flirt “GoldenPearlsofWisdom”
Piercing: ellabella “Pretty Pearls Upon Your Lips”
Tattoos: ShitLuck“Kanji v2 2”
Hair: ETD “Felicity-Black”
Skin: Diversity“Inanna-Beach-Julianne (Free InStore)”
*All Poses from Akai


Cool Blue

Cool Blue by you.

It literally went from 60 Degrees to 90 Degrees overnight here in lovely Richmond, Virginia. This look is totally something I would wear iRL right now in an attempt to beat the heat. The dress is the Chola Dress from Kenzie and Co. and looks like it would be an easy way to cool off. I paired it with leggings from Pacadi for two reasons- I liked the look for SL and iRL I’d have to wear them to cover the two huge bruises on my right leg (one from walking into furniture and the other is a mysterious bruise that happened while I was drunk haha). The skin is Tuli’sgroup gift of her upcoming skinline, Faith, that I am having a terrible time taking off-the lips are perfect and I love the doe-eyed look. Anyway, I am going to cut down the computer in an attempt to atleast free me of that little bit of heat. All of your credits are below!


Tiffer GG


Dress: Kenzie & Co“Chola Dress/Shirt-Crips”
Leggings: Pacadi “Coloured Leggings 3-Pack-Black (Group Gift)”
Shoes: Royal Blue “Royal Heavy Metal Boots (Lucky Chair Gift)”
Earrings: Dark Mouse “Peace on Earth-Silver”
Piercing: ellabella “Celestial”
Tattoos: lessthanthree “Fables Tat”
Hair: lamb “Cherry-Ink”
Skin: Tuli “Faith-Light (Group Gift-250L Joining Fee)
*All Poses from TorridWear (Currently having a sale!)


Freebie Friday 4/24

Freebie Friday 4/24 by you.

Dress & Leggings: Axel “Lola Dress-Teal with Yellow Leggings (April Instore Gift)”
Shirt: akai “Simple Long Sleeve-Bright Blue (from Crush Row Hunt)”
Shoes: 50 Flats “World at Your Feet (Earth Day Gift)”
Necklace & Bracelet: Chaos Lotus “Rainbow Suckers Set (Subscribe-O-Matic 500 Member Gift)”
Hair: Slink “Anne Fatpack Special (150L)”
Skin: Rockberry “Megan C Natural (Lucky Chair Exclusive)”
*All Poses from Golden Delish


Brought to You By The Letter M: a Year Later

Warning: There may be a bit of sappiness in this post!

A year ago, I decided to start Retail Therapy. After floundering iSL for about 6 months trying to find my niche (the quest to become Queen Bee in GossipGirl Land, dancer, model), I decided to give blogging a go, and found my place. I really never expected to have over 12,000 views- I just thought a few of my friends would read it. I never thought designers would send me review copies and I never thought I would be picked up for syndication  on any feeds. So, thank you to all of those who have visited this blog-even if it was just once. Thank you to all of the designers who thought of me to review their items. Thank you to all of those who run feeds- they truly keep the SL blogosphere going. And, thank you to all the designers for their creativity that inspire me to keep on blogging!

Ok-that out of the way, this post is a homage to my first post in which I created an outfit mostly out of items from stores that started with the letter M. While last time, not all of the items started with the letter M, this time I went all out. Special thanks goes to GoGo who kindly listed tons of M stores for me on Plurk. Now-here’s the look.

Brought to You By: The Letter M (Take 2) by you.

Dress: Mimikri “Darcie Provence/Dress”
Pants: MichaMi “Skinny Pants in Plum”
Shoes: Maitreya “Verve Pumps-Plum”
Necklace: Magika “Mystic Necklaces-Mystic Jewel Necklace”
Ring: Magika “Big Jewels Pack-Big ‘n Sparkly”

LipRing: mela’s“Double Captive Lipring-Black”
Tattoos: moloko “Butterfly Swirl Tattoo”
Skin: minajunk “Live02underline”
Hair: Magika “Charming-Black B”
*All Poses from Mela’s

Thanks again and Xoxo,

Tiffer GG