Faster Kill Pussycat

FasterKillPussycat by you.

I just finished reading The Watchman (which I must say, I was positive I would hate it, and ended up loving it!), the March book for the Plurkiston Book Club. Reading it put me in a mood to wear something super-hero-ish.


All female superheros (usually) have a sense of sex appeal. Snatch’s Sex  Kitten Bodysuit, shown in Pink, fit that bill. I spiced it up with jewelry from +plus, the Plastic Earrings in Turqoise and the new Crystal Light Necklace in Aqua. Although fighting bad guys in heels may be a stretch, I had to keep the footwear hot. These are Fussy’s X-Posed, and are honestly the only pair of “real toes” shoes I own. The hair I ended up wearing is Exile’s Ursula. This style is so great because it looks like you’ve been tossing around your hair-I like a bit of mess to my virtual styles, as it gives them a touch of realism.


Tiffer GG


Faster Kill Pussycat by Paul Oakenfold and Brittany Murphy

Fighting Crime in:

Outfit: Snatch “Sex Kitten Bodysuit-Pink”
Shoes: Fussy “X-Posed”
Earrings: +plus “Plastic Earrings-Turquoise”
Necklace: +plus “Crystal Light Necklace-Aqua”
Ring: GeargiaBean Lately “Crimson Cocktail Ring-Fairy Dust”
Hair: Exile “Ursula-8ball”
Skin: Tuli “Natalie-Pale-01a”
*All Poses from Striking Poses


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