dusty in Malt

dusty in Malt by you.

Malt had opened up a new SIM, along with Spork and has tons of great new releases. This seems to have earned it a prominent spot on the feeds this week.


This look actually started with the Bot’s Sand boots from Storm Schmooz. They had been sitting in my inventory forever just waiting for the perfect outfit. Enter Malt’s Diamonique Top and Loose Fit Denim in Earth. The detailing on the jeans are amazing-from the design on the pockets to the worn shading throughout. The top just matched perfectly- the belt goes with the pockets of the jeans perfectly and the shades have brown in the shirt could not be a better match.

dusty in Malt by you.

Also, worth noting, is the set of jewelry from KessKreations. This was one of her prizes from the Armoire Hunt, which is unfortunately now over. I’m not sure if she will decide to sell this in her store, but I hope she does for anyone who missed out on getting this gorgeous set-that included the ring, necklace, and earrings.


Tiffer GG


Shirt: Malt “Diamonique Top-Rodeo Dust”
Jeans: Malt “Loose Fit Denim-Earth”
Shoes: Storm Schmooz “Bot’s Sand”
Piercing: ellabella “Cog Me!”
Earring, Necklace, Ring: KessKreations “Chocolate Pearl Michelle (Armoire Gold Hunt Gift”
Hair: PixelDolls “Elizabeth-Black”
Skin: Tuli “Natali-Pale-06a”
*All Poses from [LAP]


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