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Faster Kill Pussycat

FasterKillPussycat by you.

I just finished reading The Watchman (which I must say, I was positive I would hate it, and ended up loving it!), the March book for the Plurkiston Book Club. Reading it put me in a mood to wear something super-hero-ish.


All female superheros (usually) have a sense of sex appeal. Snatch’s Sex  Kitten Bodysuit, shown in Pink, fit that bill. I spiced it up with jewelry from +plus, the Plastic Earrings in Turqoise and the new Crystal Light Necklace in Aqua. Although fighting bad guys in heels may be a stretch, I had to keep the footwear hot. These are Fussy’s X-Posed, and are honestly the only pair of “real toes” shoes I own. The hair I ended up wearing is Exile’s Ursula. This style is so great because it looks like you’ve been tossing around your hair-I like a bit of mess to my virtual styles, as it gives them a touch of realism.


Tiffer GG


Faster Kill Pussycat by Paul Oakenfold and Brittany Murphy

Fighting Crime in:

Outfit: Snatch “Sex Kitten Bodysuit-Pink”
Shoes: Fussy “X-Posed”
Earrings: +plus “Plastic Earrings-Turquoise”
Necklace: +plus “Crystal Light Necklace-Aqua”
Ring: GeargiaBean Lately “Crimson Cocktail Ring-Fairy Dust”
Hair: Exile “Ursula-8ball”
Skin: Tuli “Natalie-Pale-01a”
*All Poses from Striking Poses


Save a Horse, Ride a Pony

Save a Horse, Put it on a Tee by you.

I’m quickly becoming a huge fan of Akai, and not just because Allison likes my blog! I can not get over the texturing on her shirts- the detail is amazing, right down to the appearance of a tag on the back. Shown is Akai’s new aCO. Pony Tee in Olive, and it comes in a few more colors. I paired it with the Marbly Skirt from Encemble and Kookie’s Special Muggy Love’s. The hair is one of my fave messy styles, and it comes from Kurotsubaki. All of the poses you see come from a pose-maker I discovered on Plurk, Lyndz-Matic. She has a great range of poses, from fun to modely (she has some named after America’s Next Top Model). Need the full credits? Keep scrolling!


Tiffer GG


Shirt: Akai “aCO. Pony Cotton Tee-Olive”
Skirt: Encemble “Marbly Skirt-Green”
Shoes: Kookie “Special Muggy Love’s”
Tattoos: ShitLuck “Kanji Tattoo v2 2”
Hair: Kurotsubaki “Heart_I_Black”
Skin: Tuli “Natalie-Pale-08a”
*All Poses from Lyndz-Matic


a Loose Fit

LOTD 3/23 by you.

Another day, another color of Malt’s Loose Fit Denim, this time shown in Blueberry. I usually never buy more than one color of clothing items, but I liked these so much I broke my own rule. The rest of the look is composed of newness from various designers. The hair is Beauty Avatar’s A&A. The shirt is LeLutka’s Shiri Top. I have never spent so much money in LeLutka than what I have with their newest collection! The flats were a part of Truth’s latest shoe release, and are C. Edo shown in Frost. As for the tats, they are a newer release from ShitLuck. I instantly fell for the Kanji Tattoo because I have kanji down my back iRL (clarity, peace, serenity).  For the rest of the style details-check out below!


Tiffer GG


Shirt: LeLutka “Shiri Top-White”
Jeans: Malt “Loose Fit Denim-Blueberry”
Shoes: Truth “C.Edo Flats-Frost”
Piercing: ellabella “Pretty Pearls Upon Your Lips”
Bracelet: Caroline’s “Pearl Bracelet”
Ring: Georgiabean Lately “Crimson Cocktail Rings-Mythical”
Tattoo: ShitLuck“Kanji Tattoo v2”
Hair: Beauty Avatar “A&A-YuYu Black”
Skin: Tuli “Natalie-Pale-07a”
*All Poses from [LAP]


dusty in Malt

dusty in Malt by you.

Malt had opened up a new SIM, along with Spork and has tons of great new releases. This seems to have earned it a prominent spot on the feeds this week.


This look actually started with the Bot’s Sand boots from Storm Schmooz. They had been sitting in my inventory forever just waiting for the perfect outfit. Enter Malt’s Diamonique Top and Loose Fit Denim in Earth. The detailing on the jeans are amazing-from the design on the pockets to the worn shading throughout. The top just matched perfectly- the belt goes with the pockets of the jeans perfectly and the shades have brown in the shirt could not be a better match.

dusty in Malt by you.

Also, worth noting, is the set of jewelry from KessKreations. This was one of her prizes from the Armoire Hunt, which is unfortunately now over. I’m not sure if she will decide to sell this in her store, but I hope she does for anyone who missed out on getting this gorgeous set-that included the ring, necklace, and earrings.


Tiffer GG


Shirt: Malt “Diamonique Top-Rodeo Dust”
Jeans: Malt “Loose Fit Denim-Earth”
Shoes: Storm Schmooz “Bot’s Sand”
Piercing: ellabella “Cog Me!”
Earring, Necklace, Ring: KessKreations “Chocolate Pearl Michelle (Armoire Gold Hunt Gift”
Hair: PixelDolls “Elizabeth-Black”
Skin: Tuli “Natali-Pale-06a”
*All Poses from [LAP]


a lil Review: aKai

a lil Review: Akai by you.

In January, Allison Messmer and Foxy Jubilee opened up aKai. Allison makes the clothing- great shirts that can be dressed up or down. For a first time designer, the shading is amazing on the shirts! Foxy makes the poses, a nice variety of poses that can be used for fashion shots or fun photos. They currently have two locations- the main store at Crush Row and a satellite store at LA Street Scene Shopping.

a lil Review: Akai by you.

Tiny Tube in Light Beige and Worth It Tee in Mocha Brown

a lil Review: Akai by you.

Simple Long Sleeve in Red Scarlet and V-Neck Pocket Tee in Ocean Blue


Check out aKai over at Crush Row or LA Street Scene! And, keep scrolling for the full credits on the four outfits seen above!


Tiffer GG


**From Left to Right (in First Pic)**
Shirt: Akai “Worth It Tee-Mocha Brown”
Jeans: Spork“London Jeans-Blue (50L in Malt/Spork Sim Opening Hunt)”
Shoes: Redgrave “Girls Biker Boots-White”
Hair: House of Munster “Wicked 2-Black”
Skin: Tuli “Natalie-Pale-06a”

Shirt: Akai “Tiny Tube-Light Beige”
Shorts: LeLutka “Michelle Pants2-White”
Shoes: LeLutka “Shanon-Beige”
Bracelet: Malt“Braclets-Brown/Silver”
Piercing: ellabella “Cog Me!”
Hair: Truth “Amber-Night”
Skin: Tuli “Natalie-Pale-06a”

Shirt: Akai “V-Neck Pocket Tee-Ocean Blue”
Jeans: lessthan3 “Super Blues”
Shoes: Periquita “Funny Girl Flats-Cyan”
Necklace: Store With No Name “Sorrow Necklace”
Hair: Truth “Gypsy-Night”
Skin: Tuli “Natalie-Pale-06a”
Tattoo: Aitui “Demise/Faded/1”

Shirt: Akai “Simple Long Sleeve-Red Scarlet”
Skirt: Spexx “Jean Skirt”
Shoes: Periquita “Funny Girl Flats-Red”
Jewelry: Deco “Charming Set”
Hair:Pacadi“Susan I- Coffee (Subscribe-O-Matic Gift)”
Skin: Tuli “Natalie-Pale-01a”
*All Poses from Akai


DeLa’s Designs for RFL

DeLa for RFL by you.

I had seen DeLa’s latest release Leta on the feeds and instantly crushed on it. When at the RFL Clothing Fair, I noticed a version of it in Red where proceeds went toRFL. Of course, I bought it. That way I had no buyer’s remorse! Leta comes with the shirt and skirt. DeLa’s other RFL item, the jacket, went so well that I bought that, also. Hey- it’s for a good cause, right?

DeLa for RFL by you.

To complete the look, I slipped on Digit Darkes Messina Heels in Zebra Red and two pieces of jewelry from Caroline’s. I finally pulled myself out of Genesis’ Eden and went right back toTuli’s Natalie. The hair is one of my fave updo’s, Pamela from Exile. All poses shown are from [LAP].


Tiffer GG


Jacket: DeLa “Leta- Red”
Top & Skirt: DeLa “Leta- Red”
Shoes: Digit Darkes“Messina Heels- Zebra Red”
Bracelet: Caroline’s Jewelry “Gold & Silver Bangles w/ Diamonds”
Ring: Caroline’s Jewelry “Color Change Heart Ring”
Piercing: ellabella “Garnet Lovin’ Lip Rings”
Hair: Exile “Pamela- Twilight”
Skin: Tuli “Natalie- Pale- Group Exclusive”
*All Poses from


Purple RFL Goodness

Purple RFL Goodness  by you.

Other than the usual pink items and items fitting the pirate theme at this years  RFL Clothing Fair, I found another popular design choice- purple. I actually prefer purple over pink, so I was excited to see so many purple choices to choose from. Two of the purple styles I picked up were from Devilish Cupcake and StoRin.


I’ve enjoyed the designs from Devilish Cupcake for around a year now. After awhile of no new releases, they made a great comeback at the Clothing Fair with the Mermaid Sweater Dress. The dress has a bit of an 80’s feel to it, so I kept up that theme by pairing it with leggings from maeva.


The second purple look comes from StoRin (formerly Annah Couture). StoRin’s RFL Exclusive includes the purse, belt, and pants. To finish off the look, I added a plain black tube from maeva and flats from ETD.


Also, once again I’m wearing a skin from the Eden line from Genesis. This time I’m wearing the Rockstar make-up in the Pepper skin tone.


Tiffer GG


The Looks

**Left to Right**
Dress: Devilish Cupcake“Mermaid Sweater Dress- Relay for Life- The Purp”
Leggings: [maeva] “Leggings- Short”
Shoes: Maitreya“ChiChi Pumps- Fuchsia”
Bracelet: ChaosLotus“Vday Bracelet (Freebie)”
Hair: Maitreya “Emma-Jet”
Skin: Genesis “Eden- Pepper- Rockstar”
*All Poses from Imperial Elegance

Shirt: [maeva]“Ambutta Top- Black”
Pants, Purse, & Belt: StoRin “RFL Exclusive- Purple Passion”
Shoes: ETD “Buckle Ballet Flats- Plum”
Jewelry: Earthstones “RFL Bleeding Heart- Amethyst”
Hair: Truth “Ash- Raven”
Skin: Genesis“Eden- Pepper- Rockstar”
*All Poses fromStoRin