a Darke Affair

a Darke Affair by you.

This is me procrastinating studying for a history test I have in  a little over 12 hours that I have no desire to take…

This is the second look I picked up from Digit Darkes abundance of New Releases. Digit gave us the smoking Affair Dress last year, and now she has managed to make it even hotter with the Foreign Affair. The new design features sexy animal prints. I chose the Zebra/Lemon, and once again paired it with the Clyde Boots, this time in White. The gloves are a dollarbie from the main Digit Darkes store, and are fun! I love gloves-in one instant they can complete an outfit (which spares me from racking my brain trying to pick the right jewelry!). She not only has the Fern Gloves set out for 1L (pictured), but one more color, though I can’t remember which color off the top of my head. The rest of the credits are below, and now I may attempt to go study. Just kidding, I’ll probably go to bed…



Tiffer GG


The Full Affair

Dress: Digit Darkes “Foreign Affair-Zebra/Lemon”
Gloves:Digit Darkes “Gaelic Fern (1L in main store)”
Shoes:Digit Darkes “Clyde Boot-White”
Earrings: Flirt “Simple Interactions”
Hair: Truth “Carrie-Night”
Skin: Tuli “Sumi/Starry/1 Light/Green”
*All Poses from {flowey}


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