Sugary Pink Overload

Sugary Pink Overload by you.

Valentine’s means loads of pink and tons of candy. Once I combined the two, this is the look I came up with. Two of the key pieces of this look were free: the dress being a lucky chair gift from katatOnik, and the hair a group gift from !lamb(that you’ve prolly seen on the feeds at least once by now). As for the stuff I bought-the shoes are the new Ghostfire Boots from katatOnik and the adorable necklace is fromCanimal. As for the yummies in my mouth, I grabbed the Spoon Full of Sweet Love from Lazy Places.

Sugary Pink Overload by you.

As for me, my Valentine’s is looking like it’s gonna be all candy and no loving. That is…unless you don’t mind making out with a chick that has bronchitis?


Tiffer GG


Overloaded With:

dress: katat0nik“Valentine Starfall Dress-Black/Dk Pink (Lucky Chair)”
shoes: katat0nik“Ghostfire Boots-Pink/Black”

socks: Thimbles “Hearts Stockings (last year V-Day Gift)”

necklace: Canimal “Deadly Lullaby Necklace”
spoon: Lazy Places “Spoon Full of Love-Sweet Love”
hair: !lamb “Breeze-Chewed Bubble Gum (Group Gift)”
skin: Tuli “Kalista-Light 02”
*poses from Annah Couture


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