Called to the Books

Sometimes I seriously wonder how so many of you bloggers go to school, work, raise kids, have a social life, and still manage to blog. I’m lucky lately if I can actually throw a plurkin my day. In other words, I’ve been a terrible blogger. Thank gawd I don’t have high expectations for myself when it comes to actually putting a blog out.

Heart of Love-Ornamental Life by you.

This is an outfit I grabbed from Ornamental Life during the Heart of Lovefundraiser. I decided to blog this outfit for two reasons today-the first being the fact that school has consumed my life as of late and the second being that Ornamental Life’sShir is going in for her surgery today.

Heart of Love-Ornamental Life by you.

The outfit is called Called to Blackboard. Blackboard is the name of a site where most of my teachers post notes and assignments, and I’m often called to this damn site to keep my grades up. I paired the outfit with my trusty FNKYglasses, that are a tad similar to the glasses I had to finally get in real life (yay! gone are the days of squinting like a dork to see the board!). The shoes are from Royal Blue and are one of the greatest lucky chair gifts I’ve ever received. I threw them in the mix to add a tad bit of color to my otherwise dark look.


I think that’s all the thoughts I can compose into a sentence at the moment. The rest of the outfit credits are handily available for you at the bottom of this post.


Tiffer GG


Full Credits:

outfit: Ornamental Life “Back to School-Called to Blackboard”
leggings: maeva “Lotta Leggings Short-Black”
shoes: Royal Blue “Lucky Chair Gift-Royal Heavy Metal Boots”
hair: Maitreya “Harlow-Charcoal”
skin: Tuli“Kalista Light 02”
glasses: FNKY “Semitone-Black”
ring: Kandy Kitty “Mod Love Ring”

*poses from [LAP]


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