an Encemble ensemble

You know that thrill you get when you head into one store, round a corner, and find a new store? That happened to me the other day when I stopped by Candy Nail to pick up a few new styles. I decided to explore the other shops in the sim, and discovered Encemble.

Encemble Ensemble by you.

I was immediately drawn to the Sweet Wine Set. I like that I can still wear it in winter, but it gives me a touch of spring to look forward to. Included with the dress were short sleeves, as well as a shorter length dress. You got to love designers that give you options!

Weekend Look by you.

Another reason I found to make this store a new favorite is the group gifts. There were three in store, and my favorite by far was this skirt. It worked perfectly with my bolero I got as Cubic Effect’s CSR gift.


I hope this post has helped you all discover a new store, as well! And the list of everything else I wore in this post is conveniently located for you below!


Tiffer GG


Look One

hair: Refuge “Alexys-Black”
skin: Tuli “Kalista light 01”

dress: Encemble “Sweet wine Set”

leggings: Tuli “Sumi Colorable Leggings (free instore)”
shoes: Paper Couture “Buckled Mid-Calf Boot-Sedona Leather”
ring: Gisele “Margot Ring (1L)”
necklace: aya V “Apple Necklace-White”


Look Two

hair: Aden “Bethany-Black”

skin: Rockberry “Willow A Light DK Brows”
sweater: Cubic Effect “CSR Bolero”
shirt: Pigshop “Unisex V-Neck-Mud (Starlust Group Gift)”
skirt: Encemble “GroupGift 4”

shoes: Surf Couture “Sculpted Ballet Flats-Tan”
earrings: Schadenfreude “Birdcage”
ring: Flirt “Bloom Ring Jasper/Bronze (Journey Sim Opening Gift)”


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