Wind me Up

Wind me Up by you.

I’ve had this urge for awhile now to dress my avatar up as a doll. When GoGo released her first and only (so she claims!) attempt at hair, Princess, which is available at Juicy,  I was fully inspired to doll up.

Wind me Up by you.

I have been longing for something fromkatat0nik, but I just didn’t think everyday Tiffer could pull it off. However, dolly Tiff looks adorable in katat0nik’s Striped Dollie Dress.

Wind me Up by you.

To play up the skull detailing on the dress, I put on the Nightmare heels from Sixty-Nine. A dozen times now I have gone through my inventory looking for skull jewelery, and somehow I had none. So, after a quick trip to Schadenfreude, I had Jerry’s Skulls on my ears.

Wind me Up by you.

To complete the doll look, I grabbed Boom’s Wind Up Doll Key. This key was 100L and is colorable.


There you have my doll look! I loved dressing like a doll so much, that you may just catch me skipping around the grid like this from time to time!


Tiffer GG


The Complete Wind-Up

Skin: Tuli “Sumi/Starry/Light1/Green”
Hair: Juicy “Princess Hair-Black”

Earrings: Schadenfreude “Jerry Skull”
Dress: katat0nik “Striped Dollie Dress-lt green/green”

Tights: Aoharu “Rhinestone Socks-Green”
Shoes: sixty-nine “Nightmare-Black”

Key: Boom “Wind Up Doll Key”


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