*Boom* Days: day four

Yellow Boom by you.

I’m going to keep this post short and sweet, because I am tired. Last night while collecting the daily Christmas gift from Wrong (these jeans were one of the earlier gifts!), I ran into a guy whom liked my hair. After the compliment, he asked if we could have sex. Since he was kind enough to compliment me first, I went ahead and gave him some sex. Shame on me, because he left a fair amount of hickeys on my neck.

Yellow Boom by you.

Ok, so that totally didn’t happen since I am a proud SL virgin. But, this is the Fair Isle Hickey Hider Sweater from *Boom*and it inspired me to make up a fake sexual encounter. Anyways, I am really tired, so that’s all the rambling from me. I’ll put the full style sheets below and I hope all of ya’ll have a great weekend and are safe while out and about finishing Christmas shopping.

Yellow Boom by you.


Tiffer GG


What I Wore to Hide Those Pesky Hickeys

Hair: ::69::“Still-jetblack”
Skin: Tuli“Emily Light/1-Paradis”
Sweater: *Boom* “Fair Isle-Hickey Hider-Star”
Pants: Wrong “Skinny Pants-Purple”

Necklace: ::69:: “Candy Necklace”
Ring: Kandy Kitty “Love Ring-Dark Purple”



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