Fussy LOTD

Fussy Cream by you.

With so many recent releases-skins galore, clothes, shoes- my inventory is burtsing with newness. Although some bloggers are trying to create looks without purchasing anything new (which I love!), I just can’t bring myself to stop shopping with all these great goodies floating around. After all, it is December, so I’ve been treating myself to a month-long Christmas. I decided to base my look on my newer purchases.

Fussy Cream by you.

The hair, though not a new release (just new to me)  is the Venera style from MMShair. The skin is a part of the new Double Shot line from Chai. Since MichaMi’s LuLu shows so much cleavage, I chose to wear the cleavage option skin, and I must say, the girls look good.

Fussy Cream by you.

The other day, Satomi and Vonatar of Fussy invited me over to look at some of their new releases. I’ve been a fan of their shoes for a year now, and instantly fell for the new Cream Boots. Though I hardly wear purses iSL (but I am a *huge* purse junkie iRL), Fussy’s Cream Shoulder bag really completed this look. Plus, it gave me a place to put all of the damn globes from the POE hunt I was snapping up in this outfit.


I’m sure you want to see the full outfit details. Out of the kindess of my heart, I included them for your pleasure just below.


Tiffer GG


Look Details

Hair: MMShair “Venera-Charcoal”

Skin: Chai “Double Shot-Nude 02 (Cleavage Option)”
Outfit: MichaMi “Lulu-Black”
Necklace: MM “Lucky Charm Necklace”
Bracelet: House of Heart “Nirvana Bangles-Silver”

Purse: Fussy “Cream-Shoulder”
Shoes: Fussy “Boots-Cream”


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