Lovely Flowers by you.

So, I usually don’t do LOTD’s and I usually am kinda wordy. I don’t feel like it today, though. Other than giving the details of the outfit-which is a freebie, btw-I just wanted to say, I love my new custom shape! It was done by Averie Larnia of Hourglass (I know, I mention the store a lot, but I love supporting my friends). Currently she is charging 750L for her custom shapes. The best part is she offers free tweaking of your shape to go with different skins.

Lovely Flowers by you.

I love how I said I wasn’t going to be wordy, yet I just was a tad. Ok, on to the break down of the outfit:

Shape: Custom Shape from Hourglass
Skin: Fleur“Vivant Almond Basic Nude”
Hair: Maitreya “Jade-Jet”
Dress: Maria Bonita“Lovely Flowers-Black (free instore!)”
Piercing: Poptart “Kat”

Shoes: Truth “Huntress Boots-Night”

Lovely Flowers by you.

I must admit, by the set-up of Maria Bonita and her vendors, I was impressed. Also, the freebie dress is just too adorable. The outfits were in a wide range in styles, and most were under 200L. The only thing I feel I should add is that the designer needs to work on her prims. I had bought another outfit I planned on posting, but after trying to edit the prims, there was just no helping it. She is a new designer, and I just wanted to throw in a little constructive criticism.



Tiffer GG


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