Warm and Snuggly

Winter Warmth by you.

It’s been getting chilly wear I live. When it’s chilly iRL, it makes me dress a little warmer iSL. I love sweaters and I love little dresses, but iRL I hate the feel of sweaters-unless they are cashmere (i.e. I can’t afford it iRL). To make up for not being able to enjoy sweaters, I indulge in it iSL. The past couple days I was on a complete sweater dress kick.

 Winter Warmth by you.

The first day, I went with MichaMi’s Abigail. I threw on a scarf from the Maeva hunt to keep my neck warm. My legs, however, were forced to suffer the cold. I did keep my ankles warm with the Soho Boots from Maitreya.

 Sweater Riddle by you.

The second sweater dress is from Riddle. I picked up this adorable Skully Argyle when they were having their recent sale. Once again, I paired the dress with a pair of Soho Boots. When I love a shoe, I tend to wear it a lot. Since the dress had a collar and cuffs, I wasn’t able to wear as much jewelry as I wanted to (I know, I know, I could have attached the jewelry elsewhere and edited it-but I’m too lazy). The ring is so much fun and a great statement piece. It is the Love Ring from Kandy Kitty. I wanted some fun earrings to go with the ring, so I ran to Fresh Baked Goods and grabbed their Bright Jelly Tots Dangle Earrings.

 Sweater Riddle by you.

Other than the theme of wearing sweater dress and Maitreya’s Soho Boots, I also wore Rockberry skins and ETD hair with both looks. The first skin from Rockberry was from their Willow line, the second one from their Megan line (only available in their Lucky Chairs). The two hairstyles from ETD I wore were Yvette and Mia. I am seriously so thankful for their sale, since I decided to make the change from blonde to black hair (though now, I realized buying full color packs was to my advantage).

 Sweater Riddle by you.

For the full product details, keep on scrolling down. And just a reminder, all store SLurl’s are located on the page creatively titled “Store SLurl’s.”



Tiffer GG


Song these outfits remind me of: Weezer “Sweater Song”


Outfit Breakdown

Look 1~

Hair: ETD “Yvette-Black”

Skin: Rockberry“Willow B Light Dk Brows”
Earrings: ETD “Linked Earrings-Gold”
Scarf: Maeva“Aditu Scarf-White”

Dress: MichaMi “Abigail-Beige”
Nails: Adam & Eve “Coffee Bean”
Shoes: Maitreya“SoHo Boots-Shabby Chic”

Poses: Striking Poses

Look 2~

Hair: ETD “Mia-Black”
Skin: Rockberry “Megan B Natural (Lucky Chair exclusive)”
Nails: Candy Nail “Purple”
Dress: Riddle“Skully Argyle-Reversed White”
Ring: Kandy Kitty “Love Ring-Dark Purple”
Earrings: Fresh Baked Goods “Bright Jelly Tots Dangle Earrings-Silver”
Shoes: Maitreya “Soho Boots-Cocktail Grunge”


2 Responses to “Warm and Snuggly”

  1. November 30, 2008 at 1:02 am

    So glad you loved the Love Ring if youd like review copies of anything in KaNdy Kitty let me know!! ❤ XOXO

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