Gem’d Waist

Digit/MichaMi by you.

I was lucky enough to run into Ms. Digit Darkes’ right before she released the new Cameo Gem Belts. And, even luckier that she gave me a preview. I don’t try to hide that I am a huge Digit Darkes’ fangirl, so that was definitely a recent SL highlight.

Digit/MichaMi by you.

The detailing on this belt is stunning. I’m not a big belt or jewel person, but this piece was so gorgeous it drew me in. Since the belt is such a stand-out piece, I chose to go with a plainer outfit. The outfit consists of pieces from MichaMi’s Joanie set. I must add that I am quickly becoming a MichaMi fangirl, as well. Her pieces are so easy to mix and match!

New Profile Pic by you.

For my hair, I ran next door to Diversity. I had purchased this style for my alt, but had to have it for Tiffer. The Brooklyn style is one of those great styles that you can dress up and dress down. The textures on Diversity’s blacks is fantastic, too.


Special thanks to Aleri, Digit, and Sasy for their continual generosity and support. As always, the full style notes are below.



Tiffer GG


Outfit Details

Top, Gloves, Pants: MichaMi “Joanie in Black”

Belt: Digit Darkes “Cameo Gem Belt-Plum”

Shoes: Maitreya “Slinky Stilettos-Black”

Hair: Diversity “Brooklyn-Black”


2 Responses to “Gem’d Waist”

  1. November 25, 2008 at 2:35 pm

    great ensemble – the belt adds the right amount of sparkle & those shirts are just lovely to wear, so flattering with or without the scarf! <33 Noodle

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