Decoding Twilight: Bella

 We have finally reached the end of my little Twilightseries. I hope you all have enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed putting it together! With just a little over 12 hours until the movie opens (squeals like a schoolgirl), it is time to meet our lead character, Bella Swan.

Bella (Casual Look) by you.

The author of the series, Stephanie Meyers, doesn’t go into too much detail of Bella’s appearance. She wanted it to be easier for the readers to step into the characters shoes. The description that she does give of Bella is that she is average height and weight, pale skin, and wide chocolate eyes. She has straight, dark brown hair and wears little make-up.

Bella (Casual Look) by you.

Choosing a shape for Bella was simple. Averie Larnia of Hourglass Shapesis also a fan of Twilight and made a dollarbie based on Bella as portrayed by Kristen Stewart in the movie. This is still available in store! I went with a skin from Rockberry’s Willowline again, because some of the make-up options were very low maintenance. The eyes are from Adam and EVE, called Turkish Delight. For the hair, I went with the Jessica style from ETD.

Bella (Casual Look) by you.

I chose to do two looks for Bella, the first being a casual look. The shirt is a simple long sleeve top from ETD. I chose these jeans from Kari because of the holes in them. Bella is extremely clumsy, so I imagined her jeans taking most of that damage. The boots are a warm, comfy pair of Ughs from Jeepers Creepers. I also grabbed a messenger bag fromSn@tch for Bella to throw all her school stuff in.

Bella's Prom Look by you.

My second look for Bella is her prom look. I used the same hair and shape. The skin is also fromRockberry’s Willow line, this one just has a little more make-up around the eyes. The most important part of Bella’s prom look, however, is the dress and the shoes.

Bella's Prom Look by you.

We get a brief description of Bella’s dress in the book, mainly that it has blue in it. The rest, I used my imagination. The book tells us that the dress is high-fashion, so I knew I had to go with a piece from Digit Darkes. This is theDinka dress, and I liked everything about it for Bella. The length I thought was great, and the draping around the waist. I also loved the pattern, and that it wasn’t too much. As for Bella’s shoes, we do learn from the book that Alice forcing her into a pair of heels. These blue heels from Angels matched the dress perfectly.

Bella's Prom Look by you.

That’s the end! Keep scrolling on down for the complete style sheets for both looks, and also the songs that reminded me of Bella from the movie’s soundtrack. I hope that I have inspired some of you to try some of these fashions from SL, as well as to go read the Twilight series and/or see the movie!



Tiffer GG


Bella’s songs: Paramore “I Caught Myself”and Paramore “Decode”


Bella’s Looks

Look One

Shape: Hourglass Shapes“Bella (Twilight) Dollarbie”
Skin: Rockberry“Willow A Light Dk Brows”
Hair: ETD “Jessica-Chestnut”
Eyes: Adam and Eve “Turkish Delight”
Eyelashes: MMS “Photoshoot Eye Lashes”
Nails: Adam and Eve “Flesh”

Shirt: ETD “Layered Tee-Blue”
Jeans: Kari “New School Jeans”
Shoes: Jeepers Creepers“Ughs-Cinnamon”

Backpack: Sn@tch “Messenger Bag”
Poses: Imperial Elegance

Look Two

Shape: Hourglass“Bella (free instore!)”

Hair: ETD “Jessica-Chestnut”
Skin: Rockberry“Willow D Light Dk Brows”
Eyes: Adam and Eve “Turkish Delight”
Nails: Vain “I’m Blue”
Dress: Digit Darkes“Dinka Dress-Midnight”
Shoes: Angels “Gold Star Blue Velvet”

Poses: Imperial Elegance


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