Meet the Darkside of Twilight: Victoria

Victoria by you.

In this little Twilight series, we have so far met the “good” vampires- Alice, Rosalie, and Esme. Just like every other story, though, Twilight has a villain. Our female villain is Victoria. Victoria, unlike the “good” vampires, feeds on humans. She is also out to destroy our modern Juliet, Bella (who is NEXT in this series!). Victoria is described as having wild, fiery hair and as being feline like. Also, her eyes are red and not amber, since she feeds on humans, instead of animals.

Victoria by you.

With the other characters, the shape was the main component in creating them. However, with Victoria, her trademark was her hair, so that is where I started. From what I’ve seen, House of Heart creates the best curled styles on the grid. This is their Princess style in Blood. After the hair was chosen, the shape came next. I went with shape designed for Tuli’s Meredith line from Hourglass Shapes. The skin is once again from Rockberry, this one from the Megan line (and the Lucky Chair at the store!). The stunning red eyes are from Sn@tch.

Victoria by you.

I felt like Victoria would be somewhat stereotypical and wear a long coat, and this coat from Wrong fit the bill. The jeans are the Badass Jeans from Sn@tch that have been hanging out in my inventory forever. I knew to compliment the black of the outfit, I wanted to go with red to pull from Victoria’s hair. The undershirt is from Thimbles, and the boots I stole from my poor alt. They are simply called Red Boots and are from Marteens.


For the complete break-down of Victoria’s look, keep on scrolling down. And keep your eyes wide open-next up in this series is Bella!



Tiffer GG


Victoria’s Song: Blue Foundation “Eyes on Fire”


Breaking Down Victoria

Shape: Hourglass “Tuli-Meredith”
Skin: Rockberry “Megan B Natural”

Eyes: Sn@tch “Red Eyes of DOOM-Big Pupil”
Hair: House of Heart “Princess-Blood”
Nails: Vain “Darksider”
Trench: Wrong “Velvet Coat”
Shirt: Thimbles “Barfight Brenda-Bloodyknuckle”
Sn@tch “Badass Jeans”

Boots: Marteens “Red Boots”

Jewelry: Fussy “PVC Bracelet-Satomi”

Poses: Imperial Elegance


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