Welcome to Twilight: Rosalie

Rosalie by you.

I hope you all enjoyed part one of my Twilight series on Alice Cullen. Next up, is Rosalie Hale, another member of the Cullen family. I must admit, out of the three characters I’ve shot so far, Rosalie was the hardest! Probably because her main description we are given of her is that she is the most beautiful person in the world. She is tall, around 5 foot 10 inches, and has the body of a fashion model. She has long blonde hair, and like the others in her vampire family, has amber eyes.

Rosalie by you.

I knew that picking the right shape was key for creating the most beautiful woman. I went with the shape designed for Rockberry’s Megan line from Hourglass Shapes. I pictured Rosalie always having perfectly done make-up, including red lips, so I went with a skin from Fleur’s Allure line. [I just want to add here that the main reason I didn’t choose to use theRockberry skin is because I wanted to show just how versatile Hourglass’ shapes are.]

Rosalie by you.

As for the clothing, Rosalie *knows* she is gorgeous and is incredibly vain, so I dressed her for the chilly atmosphere, but still gave a bit of skin. The top and scarf is a newer release from Sn@tch. For 250L you get numerous autumn colors of the sweater, and a color changeable scarf. The skirt I’ve had in my inventory for awhile. It is the Celebrity Mini Skirt from Adam n Eve. For the shoes, I went with Truth’s Huntress Boots, since they are stylish, but still great for the woods of Forks.

Rosalie by you.

That wraps up my avatar version of Rosalie. Next in the series will be the female head of the Cullen family, Esme. Keep scrolling for Rosalie’s song and the full style notes!



Tiffer GG


Rosalie’s Song: Perry Farrell “Go All the Way (Into the Twilight)”


What made up Rosalie~

Shape: Hourglass“Rockberry-Megan”
Skin: Fleur “Allure Alabaster Lounge 3”
Eyes: Cipria Couture “Very Amber-Glossy”
Hair: ETD“Katie-Blonde”
Shirt and Scarf:
Sn@tch “Autumn Cashmere-Green”
Skirt: Adam N Eve “Catwalk Celebrity Mini Skirt-Black”
Shoes: Truth “Huntress Boots-Night”
Earrings: Second Mirage “Gloria Platinum”
Bracelet: Earthstones“Beaded Bangles-Labradite/Onyx”
Nails: Swallowtail “French”
Poses: Imperial Elegance


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