Welcome to Twilight: Alice

Hi, my name is Tiffer, and I am addicted to Twilight. Part of what dragged me back to SL was the idea of doing a series with avatars based on the characters in the book. So, here is this series that I am giddy with excitement over doing!

If you have never heard of Twilight, first let me say Zomg! run to a bookstore ASAP! Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, let me break down Twilight for ‘ya. Twilight is a series of books by Stephanie Meyers’ that focuses on a teenage romance between a human and a vampire. Kinda like a updated Romeo and Juliet, ‘cept with vampires and fights and werewolves. The first book, Twilight, is about to hit the big screen (7 days!!). The upcoming movie is what really drew me to do this series.

 Alice by you.

With the background of Twilight out of the way, let me get to my first character, Alice Cullen. Alice happens to be my personal favorite character, so I chose to do her first. Alice is described as very petite (under 5 feet), almost pixie like. She has short black hair, with Amber eyes (a Cullen family trait since they feed on animals instead of humans). She has a special ability of being able to see into the future. Out of all the characters in the series, she is the shopping addict (my kinda girl!).

Alice by you.

Let me start with the shape. I used a shape from my good friends shop, Averie Larnia. Her shop is called Hourglassand she designs shapes based on different skin lines. Oh, and she is having a sale NOW thru November 21st-everything buy one, get one free. The shape I am using happened to be from the Starlust Trash Hunt. It is from Hourglass’ Halloween series and is called Blue Blood-Alice (coincidence, I swear). The hair is from ETD. The style seemed perfect for Alice. The eyes are from a (new to me) store called Cipria Couture. The skin I am using, though not intended for the shape, is from a new fave of mine (also thanx to Averie!) Rockberry. This is from their Willow line.

Alice by you.

Since Alice resides in cold, rainy, cloudy Folks, Washington, I had to make sure I dressed her properly. This adorable coat is the Agent Debbie from Thimbles. The jeans are an old dollarbie from VG, and the shoes are one of the Heather Boots, one of the newer releases from ETD. I must also mention that all the poses I used are from Imperial Elegance– Sai P. is a fan of Twilight, as well, so it seemed fitting to use her poses.


Whew! That was probably the most I ever wrote in one blog! Hope you enjoyed it and keep your eyes opened for the rest of the series! Next is going to be Rosalie.



Tiffer GG


Alice’s song: MuteMath “Spotlight (Twilight Mix)” from the Twilight Official Movie Soundtrack

What you just Saw:

Shape: Hourglass Shapes“Blue Blood-Alice (From Starlust Trash Hunt)”
Hair: ETD “Roxie-Black”
Skin: Rockberry“Willow B Light Dk Brows”
Earrings: Persona“Globe Earrings”
Jacket: Thimbles “Agent Debbie-Black”
Jeans: VG Republic“Female Dollarbie Denim”
Shoes: ETD “Heather Boots-Black”

Nails: Candy Nail “Basic Nail-Red”
Eyes: Cipria Couture “Very Amber-Glossy”


1 Response to “Welcome to Twilight: Alice”

  1. November 14, 2008 at 10:56 pm

    :O :O I love meeting other Twilight fans, and I think your idea here is totally awesome!

    Can’t wait to see the rest of your Twilight blog series 😀

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