Backstage Groupie

Backstage Groupie by you.

Good Charlotte

Summer is a great time to catch some awesome bands in concert. I was lucky enough to catch 5 bands the other weekend for only $10! Boys Like Girls, Good Charlotte, MetroStation, The Maine, and Secret Cool rolled into my city and put on an awesome show. The cute outfits I spotted on the concert-goers inspired me to make my own hot virtual look and blog after a couple weeks away from the blogshpere.

Backstage Groupie by you.

MetroStation aka Miley Cyrus’ Brother’s Band

I’ll admit it, I’m not a die-hard fan of any of the bands I saw. BUT, I went hoping to catch Good Charlotte’s most famous groupies-Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton. While Paris wasn’t there, I did catch a glimpse of Nicole, as well as her beautiful daughter, Harlow. Nicole was dressed down (I recently read a quote from her where she said she now dresses in clothes to get thrown-up on…gotta love being a new mom!), but the other girls backstage were adorable! I saw lots of cute dresses and comfy boots. I recreated the look with Armidi’s “Keiko Tunic” and Truth’s “Huntress Boots.”

Backstage Groupie by you.

Boys Like Girls

If you are truly a stylish groupie, a tunic and boots are not enough! I threw on a necklace I got from Aoharu’s ice-cream festival and my favorite silver bangle from Fae Designs. The day of the concert, it was in the 90’s, so a ponytail was essential to this look. I went with one of Diversity’s newest styles, “Carrie.” As for the skin, I knew I wanted a low-key style, since too much make-up wouldn’t last in the heat. Lucky for me, M&R Cupcakes had just sent out this skin to their group, that was just right.


There is my take on a look that a backstage groupie would throw on to a hot summer concert. I hope you enjoyed that, as well as my concert pics! Keep scrolling for the full style sheet!


Tiffer GG


Pictured Above~

Skin: M&R Cupcakes “Birthday Suit-Blush-Freebie Skin #2”

Hair: Diversity “Carrie-Iconic Blonde”

Dress: Armidi “Keiko Tunic Dress-Vixen”

Shoes: Truth “Huntress Boots-Night”

Necklace: Aoharu “SoftIceCream-Silver”

Bracelet: Fae Designs “Chunky Silver Bracelet”


2 Responses to “Backstage Groupie”

  1. September 7, 2008 at 3:57 am

    I miss you, and your blog! Hope all is well, miss Tiff! Good luck in school! We must celebrate our rez-days soon!!

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