I Can See Your Face in My Pants

Poor Kit. I brought her into the virtual world and neglected her. Well, not completely. I’ve let her out to camp. Even though, I guess that’s not a whole lot better than if I had fully neglected her. I did however, put her in one hot outfit. I loved her outfit so much, I even forced her to wear it a few days in a row. I don’t think Kit minded too much though.

I can see your face in my pants! by you.

The pants are hot shiny latex and I’m having a hard time not making them a part of every outfit Kit wears! They are a part of Sn@tch’sSlick Latex and Sarees” outfit. I love the fact that Sn@tch does great freebies every week-Kit’s wardrobe size may catch up to Tiffer’s soon because of that! The shoes are also from Sn@tch, and are their “Streetwalkers-Black Satin.” These shoes have just the right amount of girliness and kick-ass in them. The corset was a group gift from PixelDolls, and is aboslutely gorgeous. It is their “Noveau Corset.” If you have not clicked PixelDolls Subscribe-O-Matic, what are you waiting for?!? The group gifts from that are some of the best there are out there!

Vampin' UpClose by you.

I love the hair Kit is wearing so much, that I had to do a closer pic of it for ya’ll. The hair is from Diversity and is the “Brooklyn” style in Coal. Kit got this using her new avatar voucher Diversity offers-all newbs definitly need to get this great deal! The earrings are from GNubie and are called “Birdcage.” As for the skin, I still have Kit in the one of the free instore gifts from lessthan3. They are too perfect on her to take off! This one is the “Fashion-pale.”

I changed Kit out of this outfit the other day, so if I am a good blogger, you will see it within the next few days!


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