Deep Sea OOPS

The other day I logged on to SL and had an IM that simply said “hi.” The name was unfamiliar to me, so I checked out the person’s profile. It just happened that the short greeting was from Emilie Susanti who just happened to be a designer. Of course, I was curious and had to go check out her designs.

When I arrived at OOps, I was not disapointed. Being in a blue mood lately, I was instantly drawn to the “Deep Sea” jacket. I don’t know where to start with what I like about this jacket. First, the color is bright and inviting. Second, the sleeves are cute (though adjusting the prims almost made me *almost* pull my hair out). Third, the detailing on the jacket. I love when clothes have a bit of a wrinkle look to them-it makes it look so much more realistic.

The outfit also came with the jeans. While they do show a tad bit of crack, I like how they make my butt look too much to even care about that. Plus, the color on these is great-black jeans kinda bore me, so the shading on these is refreshing. I also want to point out that detail was even paid to the back of the jacket. Once again, there is about of wrinkling to give that realism.

As for the rest of my outfit, I added a few of my current favorite things. As you can see, I am still wearing Diversity’s “Sydney.” Also, I have my usual Juicy shoes on (God bless the these shoes and all their yummy colors!). The bracelets from M.R.M. are quickly becoming a part of all of my outfits. They are color-changeable, come in different sizes, and can be worn on both wrists.  Gotta love all those options!


Well, I think that about sums it all up. Check out the Store SLurl’s Page for a quick ride to all stores mentioned and scroll on down for your full photo credits.


Tiffer GG


As Pictured Above~

Outfit: OOPs “Deep Sea”

Shoes: Juicy “Classic Pumps-Orange”

Bracelets: M.R.M. “Color Wood Bangle Trio”

Hair: Diversity Hair “Sydney-Iconic Blonde”

Skin: Tuli “Emily Light/1-Coal”

Poses Used: Striking Poses and Imperial Elegance

Pictures Taken at: Viva La Glam



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