Bursting in Blues

This great fluffy dress from Thimbles has set in my inventory for awhile now. As much as I wanted to wear it, I had one problem. No shoes that matched it just right. Thank goodness for the Shoe Fair! At Aphrodite Creation’s booth I found the gourgeously colored “Vintish Art Teal Lilac” heels. The blue in them played perfectly with the blues in the dress.

Since the dress is such a bold piece, I chose to go simpler with the jewelry. Other than my normal piercings, the only jewelry I wore is a bangle from Artilleri. The bangle is great because it is color-changable. As for my legs, since the dress was a little short, I decided to throw on some tights in “Cyan” from Ivalde. And, no outfit is complete without nails from Candy Nail. These are their “Jewel Blue” nails.


There is my head to toe blue look. Right now, I’m feeling a purple rush coming on, so look our for that, and scroll on down for the full style sheets!


Tiffer GG


What I’m Wearing~

Dress: Thimbles “Tiger Lily Dress-Blue Green”

Tights: Ivalde “Cyan Tights”

Bracelet: Artilleri “Wooden Bracelet”

Nails: Candy Nail “Jewel Blue”

Shoes: Aphrodite Creations “AC Vintish Art Teal Lilac”

Hair: Cake “Savanna-Champagne”

Skin: Fleur “Vivant Almond Apres Ski 1”

Poses: [LAP] “Glamour Girl 1 Set”


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