Meet Kit

Over the weekend, I gave birth to another avatar. Kit Mavendorf is my alt with an attitude. While I love Tiffer and she will always be my main avi, I had long been wanting an edgier alt to play with. Enter Kit.

For Kit I wanted a bit of a longer, thinner, almost hungry shape. After tons of shape shopping (I swear, I cannot make a decent shape to save my life!), I chose Body Doubles “Megan Fox” shape. Megan Fox is a bad-ass chick, so perfect for my alt! Kit is going to wear all those bad ass clothes that Tiffer can’t pull off. The skirt is from the Last Call closing sale that Tiffer wasn’t able to pull off. The boots were free from Adora and the shirts were free OnRez from Underthings. Also, I want to show off ink on Kit, unlike the piercings I use on Tiffer. These tats are from LessThan3 and are called “Fables.”

I picked up the skin and eyes from LessThan3 who have set out a new freebie box. The eyelashes were from the gift MinnuModelSkins had set out earlier this week. They are the “Dott” style. The fun zebra print jewelry is from the FreeStyle tent on the Juicy Boardwalk. The hair Kit is wearing is “Stranded” from Gurl 6, thanx to their awesome newbie voucher. Oh, and I’ve been dying to be a vampire! The fangs are new from Sentou Yousei and are the “Barnabas Fangs” that come bloody or clean (I haven’t bit anyone yet, so I’m wearing the clean version).


I am going to leave Kit open to do reviews. I don’t think that gothic, steam-punk, vamp, punk, etc. clothing gets reviewed enough or even shown enough on the feeds. I would love to be able to change that with Kit, and help all of you amazing underground designers get out there even more! Just drop anything you’d like me to review on Kit Mavendorf and I will get to it ASAP!

Signing off,



*Pictured Above*

Shape: Body Doubles “Megan Fox”

Skin: LessThan3 “Clean-Pale” (free instore)

Hair: Gurl 6 “Stranded-BlackGloss”

Eyes: LessThan3 “Burst Eyes-Gray” (free instore)

Eyelashes: MMS “Dot Lashes” (free instore)

Tattoos: LessThan3 “Fables”

Fangs: Sentou Yousei “Barnabas Fangs”

Shirt: Underthings “Ribbed Tanks-Black” (free OnRez.com)

Skirt: Last Call “Right Said Kilt-Steel Grey” (no longer available)

Shoes: Adora *Part of June Free Instore Gift


3 Responses to “Meet Kit”

  1. 1 kittyl2006
    July 10, 2008 at 11:39 am

    Welcome to the world, Kit! 🙂

  2. July 10, 2008 at 6:30 pm

    Hey tiff! (er..kit) I am loving this blog. I remember when GG land was just starting up and i met you ladies for the first time. Who would have thought any of you would have become so lovely and fashionable. hehe. Hope all is going well and i’m looking forward to the next post 😀


    Ps Kit is way hot!

  3. July 10, 2008 at 8:20 pm

    Hehe! Thanx for welcoming Kit, ladies!

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