Lusting for Flannel

The other day I was reading a fashion magazine and stumbled upon a snippet on how flannel is back. However, instead of the grungy flannel styles of the early 90’s, todays flannel is more fitted and *gasp* actually cute!

Over the weekend The Starlust had a great Fourth of July party. They even had a picnic table set out with items 10L or less! I grabbed “Uncle Frank’s Dirty Flannel” from Thimbles and was eager to throw it on. Just looking at this shirt makes me feel comfy!

With my flannel shirt on, I decided to add a cute denim skirt from Surf Co. and my boots from Paper Couture. Last week I had grabbed this adorable pig-tails from Aden and was glad to have an excuse to wear them!


Well, I’m a bit short on words today. I know, it’s rare! Anyway, scroll on down for the full style sheets and check out the Store SLurl’s Page if you need a ride to shop!


Tiffer GG



Shirt: Thimbles “Uncle Frank’s Dirty Flannel”

Skirt: Surf Co. “Dunes Skirt”

Shoes: Paper Couture “Buckled Mid-Calf Boot-Sedona Leather”

Hair: Aden “Kara-Blonde”

Skin: Tuli “Emily Light/1-Sultry”

*Photos Taken at The Starlust*




1 Response to “Lusting for Flannel”

  1. 1 kittyl2006
    July 8, 2008 at 5:02 pm

    This is *so* cute tiff! Plaid really is “in!” 🙂

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