Tricky Little Wednesday

It’s Wednesday (well, almost the end of it) and day 3 of my Relay for Life week. Today, I went for an outfit consisting of two things I almost never wear- system skirts and pattern!

Ingenue’s “Tricky Little Wicky” is one system skirt and pattern I can not only deal with, but love wearing. The pattern is perfect for summer and not too much (I’m not a big fan of patterns gone overboard). This system skirt works for me because of the front gathering that makes it more flattering. What is also great about those gatherings is that the prim pieces come with a prim-resizer that makes adjusting so much easier.

I must mention my adorable new hair style! After having a big inventory ooopps last night (don’t ask how, but I deleted over 1/2 my hairs cleaning out my inventory), Tigerlily Koi kindly dropped some of her designs on me. This is Calla’s “Coriander”  and it’s just a nice easy summer look. Also, I want to mention that once again I visited RFL’s Cherry Blossom Festival to take my pics. If you haven’t gone, GO! It is so gorgeous and worth exploring!


That is all for today (tonight!), folks. If you would like to pick up your own copy of Ingenue’s “Tricky Little Wicky” head on over to Ingenue’s main store or to the Haute Style and Co. SIM where you can find a whole store filled with RFL goodies. And, keep on scrolling down for the full style sheets!


Tiffer GG


Pictured Above~

Outfit: Ingenue “RFL Tricky Little Wicky-Watermellon”

Jewelry: GaZoV Designs “Hibiscus Berry Bracelet & Earrings”

Shoes: ShoeFly “White Denim Classic Pumps”

Hair: Calla “Coriander-Champagne”

Skin: GiGi Couture “Light Buddy Holly”

*Photos taken at RFL’s Cherry Blossom Festival*


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