Inventory Hidden Treasures

Does anyone else have a perfectly (or atleast perfect for you) organized inventory? And, does anyone else file your purchases in it’s designated folder as soon as you purchase it? But, after trying your best to be organized, does anyone else have items that disappear in your perfect files? I hope I’m not the only one raising my hand (I’m pretty sure I’m not, though!). Recently, I remembered that during the grand opening rush of Archange, I had purchased an outfit. The name of that outfit or what it looked like had escaped my memory, but I just knew that it was in my inventory somewhere! After doing a quick search of “Archange” in my inventory, I (re)discovered “Dita” and was glad I did (as it gave me something to wear for a day and a half).

“Dita” includes a cute little babydoll top, a sweater (not pictured), and a black mini-skirt. The shades of mulberry in the shirt make it perfect to save for fall, and the gold along the bust helps make it look appropriate for summer. I love black clothes, but since I have 3 dogs and 2 cats iRL, it’s a pain in my arse to wear (unless I’m in the mood to lint-roll my clothes for an hour before I walk out the door!). So, iSL I try to indulge my love of black every once in awhile. The black mini skirt is fun and flirty, though the prim piece was a tad annoying (any prims I have to adjust become “annoying”-I know just about all prims have to be adjusted, but in my ideal SL-world, someone would do it for me!).


In conclusion, open up your inventory and dig through your well-organized folders. You may just get a pleasant surprise! And, as always, hold tight for the full list of what I’m wearing in the pics.


Tiffer GG



Outfit: Archange “Dita-Mulberry”

Boots: UK Couture “Dulce Couture Boots-Black”

Bracelet: ::69:: “Sprinkles Bracelet-Black” (freebie in-store)

Hair: Maitreya “EvaMore-Blond”

Skin: Tuli “Emily Light/1-Coal” (group gift)


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