All That Shimmers Turns To Glitter

Clothes with glitter and shimmer are so much fun! They add a bit of shine to any look and are sure to get you noticed. In the past week, I happened to get two sparkley dresses and just had to take pics of them and post them!

The first outfit is the sexxy “Glimmer” from Digit Darkes. The detailing and texture is absolutely stunning on this outfit (as with every other outfit from the store!). I know this post is about the dresses, but I must mention the skin here, as well, because I love it! I had never really looked at skins from PixelDoll, but this group gift really caught my eye. This is “Stella di Roccia vII Tone C Gold Eye Crimson Lip.” I usually go for skins with heavier eye makeup and more subtle lips, but this one is pretty close to perfection if you want to play up your lips. The red lips are just right- not too much, not too little. This was a recent group gift, so you should still be able to get yourself a copy out of PixelDoll’s Subscribe-O-Matic.

This second dress is the perfect formal look for summer. This is WooT’s “Glow Turqoise.” The dress comes with many different skirt options, as well as the magnolia flower in numerous colors. The magnolia comes in between the breasts (couldn’t think of a better way to describe that!), but I chose to move it up on the shoulder.


Hope I didn’t blind you by all that sparkle! Hold tight for full style sheets and check out the page “Store SLurl’s” for a ride to the shops!


Tiffer GG



Photo Credits~

Photo 1 & 2:

Outfit: Digit Darkes’ “Glimmer-Champagne”

Earrings: Tres Beau “Pearl Earring-Black”

Gloves: Candy Nail “[iv] Finger Gloves w/ Nail Art in Thumb-Black”

Shoes: Angels “Gold Star Plata Velvet”

Hair: Cake “Pearl- Champagne”

Skin: PixelDoll “Stella di Roccia vII Tone C Gold Eye Crimson Lip”

Photo 3 & 4:

Outfit: WooT “Glow Turquoise”

Earrings: JCNY “MODEA Hyper-Gems Formal Earring”

Nails: Candy Nail “Basic Nail Silver”

Hair: Diversity Hair “Alexi II-Champagne”

Skin: Fleur “Vivant Almond Aurora 2”


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