Fashion Roadkill

I have been holding on to and adoring Digit Darkes’ “Determined Coat” for awhile now (thank you, Sasy!). It wasn’t until I received a generous gift that I got the idea of how I wanted to blog the gorgeous coat. Hairapy sent me a copy of their “Carrie” hair and pairing that with the “Determined Coat” reminded me of an old Sex and the City episode from season 4, “The Real Me.” In the episode, Carrie is asked to be a part of a fashion show mixed with real people and models. Her outfit consists of little panties and a coat similar to Digit Darkes’ design. The make-up artists put on a little more make-up than we normally see Carrie in and her shoes are a little taller than her typical heels. Once made up, Carrie, as well as my avatar, were ready to take on the runway!

Only one problem though, impossibly high heels like Stiletto Moody’s “Sizzle Platforms” and little runway experiance don’t mix! Like Carrie, I became “fashion roadkill” (I love Stanford and his one liners!).

Atleast I looked hot even when I fell! Hold tight for full photo credits!


Tiffer GG


Seen in Pictures:

Outfit: Digit Darkes’ “Determined Coat-Red”

Jewelry: JCNY “BirthGem Collection-October Opal”

Shoes: Stiletto Moody “Sizzle Platform-Black/Sizzle”

Hair: Hairapy “Carrie-Honey Brown”

Skin: Tuli “Emily Light1~Sultry”


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