Outfit of the Day

Or, maybe I should call this post “Outfit of the Next Few Days or Whenever I Stop Being Lazy and Change My Clothes.” I recently have been on this whim where I put on cute dresses and leave them on for a couple of SL ™ days. I guess part of that comes from the fact that iRL, all I have been wearing are little comfy dresses, since it has been in the 100’s where I live. (BTW, iRL I DON’T wear the same dress more than one day in a row! LoL! I’m a clean clothes, laundry doing freak!)

GiGi Couture (yes, the store I adore and have mentioned more than once on this blog!) recently released a line of adorable mini dresses called “Dahlia” after Bonnie herself (SL name Dahlia Eilde) from the blog Bonnie and Clyde. I got past the fact that I am totally jealous of her having a dress named after her, and went and spent a good few minutes picking out which of the dresses I liked best. I ended up going with the “Sailor Dahlia Dress Orange.” It just looks like the perfect summer mini dress to me! Plus, I love the bright stripes and the lace detailing around the neck.

To finish off my look of the day(s), I paired the dress with my Storm Schmooz “Suomi SuedeNaturel” heels. The hair is the “Eva-More-Blond” from Maitreya, that is the perfect summer hair, since it has those sexy beach waves. The skin and ring were group gifts from Tuli (S5 Light~Natural1) and Fuel (Bloom Ring).


For store SLurl’s ™, check out my page titled just that! Have a great week!


Tiffer GG



Dress: GiGi Couture “Sailor Dahlia Dress Orange”

Shoes: Storm Schmooz “Suomi SuedeNaturel”

Ring: Fuel “Bloom Ring”

Hair: Maitreya “Eva-More-Blond”

Skin: Tuli “S5 Light~Natural1”


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