These Pants Rock My Pants Off!?!

I love Thimbles. It’s quirky fun quality fashion at a cheap price. I also love how generous they are to their group members. The above outfit was a group gift over the weekend, baring the warning “trash if you don’t like, work in progress.” Don’t like? I love love love these pants! Even though it was a freebie, they came with tons of options~high-waisted (shown), low-waisted, suspenders. And, even came with oodles of colors of camis. It was instant love. My only complaint, or rather plea, is this…Give Me More! I want these pants in as many colors as possible! I want to live in these pants, sleep in these pants and (if possible) have sex in these pants. Melatonin Hax and Apatia Hammerer, if you somehow come across my blog and my plea to you, I am on my virtual knees getting virtual rug burn begging you to make more of these pants. Thank you!



Tiffer GG


Also Pictured:

Pants and Shirt: Thimbles “If I Were These Pants w/ Mist Top”

Shoes: Storm Schmooz “Suomi SuedeNatural”

Necklace: House of Heart “Soho-Silver”

Bracelet: Fae Designs “Chunky Silver Bracelet”

Hair: Armidi “Scarlett-Blonde”

Skin: Tuli “S5 Medium~Classic 1”



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