Lemon Meets Lime

     I don’t usually blog freebies, just because between Free*Style and FabFree, they pretty much have them all covered. However, when I put on this whole outfit that was basically free and cute, I just had to blog it.

     The outfit is from AnnaH Couture’s new satellite location in the HoH Mall (http://slurl.com/secondlife/Tropical%20Escape/130/172/22) and is called “Vannessa.” It comes with tons of layers and different options of how to wear it: with the jacket and tube, the tube by itself, or the jacket by itself. If you look really close at my nails in the pic, they were free as well. Candy Nails (http://slurl.com/secondlife/LOVE%20TOKYO/114/51/22) is offering a free manicure (gloves) in Yellow/Green. While there, check out the other nails~they had tons of cute nails and toes for great prices! In the background, is the laundry set DP YumYum had out recently in a hunt. As for the other items pictured, I did pay for them. The hair is Maitreya’s “Mayte,” the shoes are Juicy’s “Classic Pumps in Green Pea,” and the skin is Fleur’s “Vivant Almond Blossom 1.”

     Hurry up and grab these great items before they are gone!


Tiffer GG


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