And The Drama Goes On…

     I joined SL back in October of ’07. At that time, I needed a place to come to escape RL. In my RL, I had finally hit a wall and knew I needed to change. I admited that I was suffering from depression, and sought the proper help. I realized that I had an addiction problem to alcohol, weed, and cocaine. To clean up my life, I had to leave behind friendships because they were enablers.

     I came to SL to get that break I needed from RL. For me, finding myself in a virtual world, has helped me find myself in ways that I would have never imagined possible. However, days like today force me to see that SL is not that different from RL. People are mean, dramatic, and just as hypocritical iSL as they are iRL, if not more so. I log on to SL to take a step back from RL, not to be bombarded with dramatic group notices, warnings of being careful what I comment on other blogs, and being told what to wear. Days like today make me want to leave SL. People do not realize the impact that their words have on others, and carelessly hit enter before they really think about what they have just typed. We may all just be “avatars” iSL, but behind that avatar is a real person. That real person has feelings. And although your words are just typed, they do carry just as much weight.

     This is my plea on my little blog for all of us residents of SL to step back and take a look at the big picture. While this may be a saying from the olden days, it really is a saying to live your real and virtual life by: Do until others as you would have others do until you. We all have drama iRL, let’s try to keep it out of SL as much as possible.



Tiffer GG


1 Response to “And The Drama Goes On…”

  1. 1 LauraRose GossipGirl
    May 17, 2008 at 1:28 pm

    How brave you are, miss Tiff. I can say I’ve definitely seen personal growth in you. Don’t take everything everyone says to heart.. we all know many avvies out there see this all as a game and nothing serious, so in that respect they may not take others feelings into account. I admire you for being open and honest about what you think and you should never let anyone tell you, especially on SL, what is right and wrong. Don’t change yourself just because someone thinks you should.. you’re beautiful 🙂

    See you at the WooT party in a few hours! *hugs!*

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